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Writing A Cover Letter After College: How to Stand Out

You plan to write a cover letter, open a blank document, check your email, go at cover letter examples, do some chores, watch the cursor blink a few more times, and then, ideally, Google “how to write a cover letter,” which led you here.

But you may still be wondering if cover letters are actually read by anyone. They exist, but why? Before anything else: We can confirm that cover letters are read, yes. 

They may be considered the most crucial component of your job application by some hiring managers. In any case, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to introduce yourself, explain why a potential employer should hire you, and make a good impression.

We provide simple instructions with examples, a few further recommendations, and solutions to frequently asked concerns to make sure your letter is flawless and that writing it is as painless as possible.

Why is it important to customize your cover letter?

It is a short (one page or less) letter you send with your resume and other application materials to a hiring manager or recruiter. If you do it right, a cover letter gives you the ability to discuss specifically how your qualifications match the position you’re vying for. Additionally, it gives you the chance to let the reviewer know that you’re nice, creative, and probably a wonderful addition to the team. (Horowitz. 2021)

Customize your letter

Use a unique cover letter for each application; this is one of the most crucial cover letter suggestions. 

Employers will be able to see if you didn’t spend time writing a personalized letter for them. 

Instead, begin your cover letter by outlining your excitement for the position, the company, and yourself as the ideal candidate.

Supplement your resume, don’t repeat it

Don’t summarize your resume in your letter if you have did it in your job application. 

Instead of mentioning your experience, focus on why you’d be a good fit for the position. Exists a story, endeavour, or quality that doesn’t appear on your CV but exemplifies your strengths?

Was your talent for creating orderly, color-coded spreadsheets, for instance, the reason you were proposed as the club secretary? 

Does your management at your part-time work frequently congratulate you on your ability to make unhappy customers happy? Your attention to detail and interpersonal abilities can be demonstrated through them.

Include keywords and supporting details

Employers constantly look for job-related keywords in resumes and cover letters. Include your finance dissertation writing service experience or skills that are specified in the job description. (dissertationproposal.co.uk, 2020)

To demonstrate your leadership abilities, for instance, you might mention the time you oversaw a significant group effort that was highly praised by your professor.

Address any missing pieces

Your cover letter should highlight your distinctive strengths and explain why the business should give you an interview. 

Mention this if you don’t meet all of the requirements for the position. Be honest and take advantage of the chance to tell the recruiting manager why you’re still a good fit for the position.

 Proofread and ask for feedback

Once it is finished, carefully read it over and verify it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Have a friend or family member evaluate it and provide input as well.

Don’t forget to make an appointment at the career centre at your school to discuss your cover letter, résumé, and any other application-related queries you may have.

The most time-consuming yet most important component of creating a cover letter is editing. To begin, print out your cover letter and read it aloud. Read the cover letter from the last sentence up, starting at the bottom.

Be smart with hyperlinks

There are two critical considerations to make if you decide to incorporate hyperlinks in your cover letter. To begin with, attempt to limit the number of links in a cover letter to two or three at most (like an online portfolio or personal website). Every link you include should be pertinent, and you shouldn’t use your cover letter as a repository for all of your past works.

Second, be sure to provide context for any hyperlinks you include in your application to both bring attention to them and convince the hiring manager that clicking on them is worthwhile. When mentioning a recent design project, for instance, use the phrase “in my online portfolio” and a hyperlink.

Break up your paragraphs

Nothing makes people fearful more fast than a wall of text. Hiring managers see your physical cover letter before they read it, so it’s not a good indicator if their initial thought is, “Oh gosh, it’s all one paragraph!”

As an alternative, divide your cover letter into shorter paragraphs of three to four phrases each. It looks much better, and the person reading your cover letter will appreciate it. 

Additionally, while your resume highlights your technical expertise such as expert in writing real estate research topics and background, cover letters are a fantastic way to highlight important soft skills like communication and project management. Support your claims if you emphasize soft skills.

Convey why you’d be a great hire for this job

Relying solely on extolling your merits for the post in your cover letter is a common error. Sincere to say, hiring managers are aware of it; what they really want to know is what you’ll add to the position and business.

Therefore, when you’ve finished the introduction, you should gather a few important concepts that will serve as the foundation of your cover letter. 

They should demonstrate your understanding of the organization’s requirements and explain how your experience is relevant to the position. Look for cues in the job description. 

What qualifications or experiences are prominently or repeatedly mentioned? These will probably be the most crucial requirements. Choose three to five crucial criteria that you believe you best meet. 

For instance, you might see an exciting job posting when searching for an account executive position.

Here’s a short tip if you often struggle to identify your abilities and sing your own praises: What would your best friend, mentor, or favorite boss think of you? How would they acclaim you? Consider the responses as you write about yourself.


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