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10 Best Robot Sidekicks In All Of Gaming

Robot sidekicks may be excellent partners on journeys, and these are just a few examples from video games.

A decent role-playing game will captivate a player with an intriguing and multifaceted main character, but the best RPGs will also contain an equally enticing companion. Bonds are formed, built, and deepened with these companions throughout the story, which typically includes some hilarious, tragic, emotional, and memorable events.

While some of the best adventure games win fans with a human or animal companion, robot sidekicks have a special place in the hearts of sci-fi fans. But, in gaming history, which mechanical friends stand out from the crowd?

Dog – Half-Life 2

In Half-Life 2, game makers Valve Corporation gave the phrase “dog is a man’s best friend” a mechanical twist. In their popular title, players meet the robot sidekick Dog, who assists protagonist Gordon Freeman in evading an attack by a Combine force.

Dog was created by his owner’s father to guard her as a child, and he underwent several enhancements as his master supplied scrap metal to her mechanical pet. While Dog possesses typical canine characteristics such as loyalty and intelligence. If his master is threatened, he can quickly transform into a dangerous adversary.

CL4P-TP – Borderlands Series

A well-balanced plot will frequently feature a comic relief figure. Which in the Borderlands series consists of a yellow and white box, a wheel, two arms, and a light for an eye.

CL4P-TP, also known as Claptrap, is the unofficial mascot of the critically acclaimed series and has long received conflicting reactions. Despite being panned by many gaming journalists, the robot companion remains one of the game’s most popular characters.

Codsworth – Fallout 4

Mr. Handy’s robotic product Codsworth personifies what it is like to have a devoted family butler. After being purchased by the main character’s family before to the Great War. They were forced to abandon their companion since he was denied access to Vault 111. The butler maintained to the deteriorating mansion and polished the rusted car for over 200 years before being reunited with the survivor.

Codsworth has little impact on the main story of Fallout 4, however he is available to recruit as a companion for a few quests. While Codsworth does not play a major role in the plot, there is no denying his devotion to his masters.

B-12 – Stray

Stray, an indie effort that allowed users to walk in the shoes – or pawed feet – of a four-legged. Feline main character, was one of 2022’s top gaming hits. However, the inclusion of the cat’s robotic companion, B-12. Provided the game with dialogue and depth that would otherwise have been lacking.

While the main plot of Backrooms game revolves around the cat assisting B-12 in recovering memories of his life as a human scientist, B-12 is able to repay the favor by opening up a realm of possibilities that would otherwise be impossible. The cat is able to talk with the robots in the city, light routes. And connect with technology with the help of the robot, allowing them to proceed farther on their journey.

E3N – Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

One of the more notable characters in recent Call of Duty games is a robot rather than a person. The E3N (Ethan) soldier bot, also known as the Enhanced Tactical Humanoid 3rd Revision soldier bot, is a one-of-a-kind cyborg soldier capable of human emotions. While he was not universally accepted by the crew members in the story. His actions would leave an indelible mark on them all.

In order to eliminate a hostile shipyard, E3N makes the ultimate sacrifice for his crew by releasing a destroyer ship from its clamps and allowing the rest of the crew to take control of it. His sacrifice allowed the crew to fulfill their mission and inflict a severe blow to the SetDef fleet.

Ghost – Destiny Series

Ghosts are not only mechanical companions who fulfill a multitude of intellectual and physical tasks. But an extension of the soul for the Guardian they resurrect. When they are resurrected, they form an unbreakable bond with their Light-wielder.

Ghosts can only choose one person to resurrect before becoming eternally connected. Their sole purpose is to assist their Guardian and ensure their survival, making them an undeniably valuable companion.

BD-1 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In terms of pocket-sized heroes, BD-1 is among the best. BD-1, the protagonist of Jedi: Fallen Order, provides the assistance, companionship. And equipment required for Kestis to retrieve the holocron and protect the identities of hundreds of Force-sensitive infants.

Throughout the popular Star Wars spin-off, BD-1 proves to be a dependable and brave sidekick for Kestis, saving his life during a battle with the Second Sister. He was trusted with the location of the holocron and only revealed it to someone he trusts, demonstrating his dependability and great character judgment.

BT-7274 – Titanfall 2

BT-7274, or BT for short, is the AI companion of Titanfall 2’s protagonist, Jack Cooper. And is critical in Cooper’s obligation to complete the task of his pilot predecessor. After losing his first pilot, BT has made a firm commitment to never lose another.

BT possesses qualities that are not comparable to the conventional Titan classes, both in terms of powers and personality. He has a talent for wielding and incorporating weapons from other Titans into his arsenal. As well as a sense of self-determination and character judgment. It was the latter that prompted him to believe Cooper was a suitable successor to continue their roles.

Clank – Ratchet And Clank Series

For almost 20 years, warbot XJ-0461, better known as Clank, has grabbed the hearts of PlayStation enthusiasts. After being discovered by a Lombax named Ratchet. The faulty bot was originally presented to players in the first iteration of the Ratchet & Clank series in 2002, which went on to become one of PlayStation’s hallmark titles. The odd duo grew from humble origins as a cat-like mechanic and a faulty warbot. Respectively, to become two of the galaxy’s greatest heroes.

Clank has established himself as a wise, optimistic, and dependable partner-in-crime for Ratchet in the various games of the Ratchet and Clank franchise, most recently 2021’s Rift Apart, proving helpful during times of struggle. The chemistry and unshakable buddy bond between the title characters are a significant part of why the franchise is still so successful after two decades.

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