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7 Best Video Game Villains Who Do Not Speak

There are lots of video game villains who are so scary that they never have to say anything, and their silence is equally terrifying.

Horror is a genre that usually seems to do well in the entertainment sector, with lots of scary movies, anime, and games to choose from. The horror library’s video game section is constantly expanding, with new games ranging from modern first-person shooters to vintage 2D sidescrollers.

Every video game need a good antagonist, and a horror video game requires a villain that is compelling enough to scare the player. There are lots of video game villains who are so scary that they never have to say anything, and their silence is equally terrifying.

Reliquary of Souls (World Of Warcraft: Classic)

Is there anything that isn’t a waking nightmare at the Black Temple? Death Knights are scared of this place. The Reliquary of Souls, a massive disembodied head representing the Essences of Anger, Desire, and Suffering, is one of the most terrible bosses here.

A multi-faced head would seem to have a lot to say, yet this monstrosity simply produces bizarre, frightening faces. It’s also a long war with various phases that are sure to be both stressful and terrifying.

Mr. X (Resident Evil 2)

Almost every Resident Evil game has featured the Tyrant. There are various variants of this terrifying character, but Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 terrified everyone the most. According to legend, this was the third iteration of the Tyrant model, and no one thought they required to talk at any point throughout their development.

The Tyrant’s legend dates back to the Umbrella Corporation’s early attempts to create a weapon. According to legend, every time the player overcame the Tyrant, Umbrella used the information to improve their design and attempt again. He’s a clone of another criminal, Sergei Vladimir, who attempted to steal business secrets but was apprehended and assassinated by Albert Wesker.

Bongo Bongo, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Everyone seems to have forgotten how gloomy Ocarina of Time might get. The Shadow Temple was a dungeon beneath a graveyard filled with mummies, zombies. And other undead minions, and ornamented with graves, pits, and torture equipment. Bongo Bongo, the final boss of this horrific mess, was a wordless boss with just two hands and a one-eyed Chthulu visage.

This is not only one of the most terrifying bosses in the game, but also one of the most difficult. In some circumstances, players can complete the dungeons in any order they like. But the Shadow Temple and the terrifying Bongo Bongo are usually among the last places Link goes.

Icon Of Sin, Doom Eternal

The ultimate monster of Doom Eternal is as horrific when confronted by the player. But the background of where this thing came from is considerably worse. Only the Doom Slayer is capable of destroying the Icon of Sin. Which the Maykrs regenerated with the Berrayer’s heart and endowed with their technology.

The Betrayer’s name was Valen, and he attempted to negotiate a bargain with Hell’s agents to bring his son back from the dead. The caveat was that his son would return as the Icon of Sin. A destiny potentially worse than death and Hell. At the very least, the player has the option of wiping this terrible slate clean without discussing it with the evil person.

Ridley, Metroid Franchise

One of these thing’s nicknames is The Cunning God of Death, and he looks terrifying even in old 2D platformers. Ridley appears to be an Alien clone, which he is. He was named after the director Ridley Scott, whose films inspired the entire Metroid series.

Ridley is a space pirate who murdered Samus’ parents. As a result, he is one of the most lethal and infamous villains in the Metroid universe. And he never speaks in video games. He has dialogue in an e-manga, but it doesn’t make him any less terrifying.

Nameless King, Dark Souls III

It’s an optional battle, but it’s a memorable one that Geometry Dash Subzero gamers shouldn’t pass over just for the lore. The name isn’t a play on words. This boss was once a king, but where and who he ruled over is unknown. All that is recalled today is that he was a great dragon-slayer who subsequently gave up everything to unite with the dragons, even taming his own Stormdrake, and players must face both of them in the first part of the fight.

To begin with, the boss is summoned by a gigantic bell, which is somewhat scary. The Stormdrake, dubbed the King of Storms, is silent and scary. As is the humanoid figure who dismounts and falls to the ground in phase two. He lacks a face, his helm appears to lack eyes, and he stands double the height of the player character.

Big Daddy, BioShock Franchise

The Big Daddies are a type of enemy in BioShock that frequently play the role of boss. Guarding entrances or holding keys. These are also known as Protectors, and if the player ever gets in trouble with the Little Sisters, they quickly realize why. They started out as humans but were modified to be maintenance workers. Hence the metal diving suits grafted onto their flesh.

However, the Big Daddies’ design evolved to make them defenders and fighters with ferocious abilities. That isn’t to say they don’t make any noise. The sounds they emit are a mix of human and metallic grunts, roars. And groans that would make any gamer’s skin crawl.

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