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10 Gaming Parodies in Animated Shorts

The gaming industry is a source of endless enjoyment, taking us to fancy places and testing our minds with tricky riddles. However, there are instances when stepping back and laughing at a game’s peculiarities and customs is the most fantastic way to appreciate it. Discover the world of funny animation shorts and quick comedy sketches that tenderly mock our beloved video games.

These parodies celebrate the game industry and highlight its frequently humorous cliches. These shorts, which turn the familiar into the funny, interact with players on a deeper level, addressing anything from the difficulties of side quests to the aggravation of grinding for riches. So, grab your controller (or popcorn!), and let’s delve into ten hilarious gaming parodies in animated shorts:

1. Super Mario Bros. But Everything is Longer

This masterpiece from Alpharad adds a good dose of ridiculousness to the beloved side-scrolling platformer Super Mario Bros. The length of each opponent encounter, jump, and even the dying animation is absurd. Watch Mario stutter across the screen, carefully avoiding obstacles in slow motion. It retains the fun of the original while making a witty satire on how boring some older games can be.

2. Live | Among Us Animation | Animated Game Parody

The wild fun—and occasionally intense suspicion—of the social deduction game Among Us is encapsulated in this spoof by YFC Game Animation.  Navigate the spaceship with your crewmates, help them accomplish chores, and look out for any cunning imposters among them.  The fast-paced action and charming visuals perfectly capture the hectic gameplay of Among Us.

3. Funny Gaming Animated Parodies

Lightsen’s compilation includes multiple quick-witted, funny parodies of well-known video games.  These short videos, which feature everything from a sassy Pikachu refusing to be trained to a furious trainer running into a “Mega Salamence” that’s more than a dragon, brilliantly highlight the humorous moments that frequently arise from our gaming experiences.

4. Resident Evil 8 Village Animated Parody

Double W Brothers parodies the blockbuster Resident Evil Village in this eerie but hilarious way.  Although the original game is renowned for its terrifying scenes, this animation lightens the mood.  See Ethan Winters combat a silly Heisenberg, deal with a surprisingly helpful Lady Dimitrescu, and struggle with his inventory.  It’s a fantastic reminder to laugh at horror games, too.

5. You Don’t Have Enough Money to Train Me

This lighthearted spoof addresses the age-old annoyance of playing Pokemon games and grinding for money.  See a comically sarcastic Pikachu decline to fight because its handler doesn’t have enough money to pay for its training.  Any Pokemon player who has ever spent hours fighting low-level opponents to afford a single Hyper Potion would be able to relate to this one.

6. Twitch Plays Pokémon Animated

This series by Lightsen takes a unique approach, turning the chaotic experience of Twitch Plays Pokemon (where viewers collectively control a single playthrough) into a hilarious animated adventure.  Witness the descent into madness as the chat spams conflicting commands, leading the poor protagonist on a nonsensical journey.

7. Cloud’s Strife

Dorkly’s spoof of Final Fantasy VII targets Cloud Strife, the game’s gloomy protagonist.  Cloud’s austere nature is comically reimagined in the cartoon, as he becomes a self-absorbed gym rat who cares more about looking good than rescuing the world.

8. When Games Take Over Your Life

This last post from Dorkly doesn’t relate to any game, but it sums up the addictive qualities of gaming quite well.  In the animation, a character becomes more fixated on a new game, putting aside personal hygiene and necessities to advance to a new level.  It’s a humorous yet realistic depiction of any gamer who has become disoriented in a virtual environment.

9. Pro Squid Game Players are like by Kotte Animation

Forget the Korean drama’s suspenseful intensity. This parody throws highly skilled gamers into the deadly games who find them a breeze. Observe them master parkour techniques to dominate obstacles and make the honeycomb challenge seem easy. It’s a playful interpretation of the intensity of the presentation that captures the smug confidence of professional gamers to a tee.

10. So I Tried Elden Ring | EP 1 by CarbotAnimations

Elden Ring was more than a game for many people; it was an amusing nightmare. This animated series does a beautiful job of capturing that feeling. Experience the relentless (and possibly masochistic) journey of a character who is attacked by foes, exposed to environmental dangers, and begins to doubt their sanity. It’s a hilarious spoof that highlights the hilarity that frequently results from frustration and honors the attitude of challenging games.

GlitchCraft Animation: A Fresh Star in the Gaming Galaxy

GlitchCraft Animation is a new star in the constellation of video games. This colorful and inventive environment offers a distinctive take on current gaming trends, driven by ELIKA and her hilarious satire. This group of gamers stays loyal to the essence of gaming while providing humor, companionship, and perceptive commentary on the business through clever animated shorts.

So, let’s welcome a fresh, fascinating addition to the gaming world as we bid farewell to this unique voyage through the gaming trends that won’t go away.

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