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10 must-have features for your online chat

There are many options for online chat, each with different features and characteristics, which can be integrated into both a page and blog platforms, such as Word Press. With such a wide variety on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to know which features – some of which you might not even imagine a specific feature could have – are the most important to delivering good care. To help in this task, I included in our list 10 mandatory features that your online chat must have in order to offer good customer service, as well as perform evaluations of the performance of the tool in question.

1. Customizable design

As some chat tools for ecommerce are free – although many have paid options -, there is a possibility that they limit the customization options of the interface. In other words, you will not be able to include your visual identity in your version of the tool or you will have too limited options. They may even offer the feature to customize the appearance only when you upgrade your free account to a paid one. As tempting as it may be to pay less or pay nothing, not being able to customize your Omegle tv can decrease potential customers’ confidence in your business. For this reason, one of the mandatory features of online chats is that they allow design customization.

2. Application for mobile devices

Online chat

With the migration of most Internet access from computers to cell phones, not having an application for Android and iOS – the most used mobile systems – is not acceptable. The use of an app allows you to attend to requests even when you don’t have a computer nearby. This brings more flexibility to your customer support as chat does not need to appear offline when your team is not in front of a PC or Mac monitor.

3. Version for web browsers

As much as Internet access on computers is declining, they are still the most used for online care. Although the software is the best option, it is important to note that it is not recommended to install it on all types of computers. To solve this issue – just like on public computers – it is essential that your online chat tool has a web version, only needing a browser and an internet connection to work. Although not required, having a version of the program for Mac computers also makes access to the Omegle platform more flexible.

4. Pre-chat forms

It may seem insignificant, but the possibility of filling out the pre-chat forms has a series of benefits so important that they make it mandatory. One of the advantages is that, when you find yourself with a full queue, you will gain a few minutes with the client who will spend their time filling out the form. The second advantage is to allow your employee to skip some questions, since the data will be available from the beginning of the conversation. Finally, the insertion of a visitor’s email in the form enriches your email list, on which you can work your email marketing. Do not miss our article with 30 email marketing tips for ecommerce to learn more about the subject.

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