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11 Best Weapons In Destiny 2 Worth The Grind

Only make the best weapons in Destiny 2 to make the expense and effort worthwhile!

Destiny 2 gained a full-fledged weapon making system upon the introduction of the Witch Queen. Bungie is constantly changing and improving this feature as they go away from a system that took thousands of engrams worth of trials before you could get the perks you desired. While there is no such crafting system for armor at the moment, the ability to craft, rank up, and reshape your most prized weapons is a fantastic feature.

There are now dozens of craftable legendary weapons, which Bungie says will increase as seasons and expansions are published. With so many powerful options to pick from, weapon building can quickly become time-consuming and expensive. To save you time, these are the greatest weapons worth grinding to craftable state in Destiny 2.

Fel Taradiddle – Bow

Fel Taradiddle, Whispering Slab’s younger sibling, has various possibilities that will make it one of your go-to bows. Choose between a Draw Time and an Accuracy Masterpiece. The first two slots are pretty free, but Polymer String and Straight Fletching are highly suggested to improve Accuracy and reduce Draw Time.

Killing Wind with Adrenaline Junky or Thresh will enhance the damage of your shots as you rack up kills, whereas Archer’s Tempo and Successful Warm-Up will make your bow shoot as rapidly as any rifle. A Targeting Adjuster or Quick Access Sling mod, on the other hand, fits perfectly into any bow’s mod slot.

Likely Suspect – Fusion Rifle

Fusion Rifles are unquestionably powerful in both PvP and PvE, and Likely Suspect has excellent perks in both. For this one, you should use a Stability or Charge Time masterwork, though Range is an option if you’re certain in your aim. Fill the first slot with Fluted Barrels and the second with Liquid Coils.

Slideways or Heating Up in the third slot will keep you in the fight for a longer period of time. In the fourth slot, your choice of Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, or Successful Warm-Up will make your Likely Suspect the talk of the town.

Red Herring – Rocket Launcher

The Red Herring, a superb Rocket Launcher, is a great god-roll weapon worth grinding for in Destiny 2. Rockets will virtually jump out of the tube if you have a Blast Radius or Velocity masterpiece with Quick Launch and High-Velocity Rounds in the first two slots.

As long as you kill some things, Ambitious Assassin in the third slot will act as a proxy Clown Cartridge, causing your magazine to overflow when you reload. In the fourth slot, Golden Tricorn or Turnabout will also trigger on kills or shield breakdowns, allowing you to just point and shoot.

Lubrae’s Ruin – Glaive

This is one of the more difficult weapons to obtain, needing three red border weapon drops from the Vow Of The Disciple raid, but it is well worth the effort. Grab a checkpoint at Rhulk and start grinding for these extremely rare red border drops. After that, a reload speed masterpiece for your constructed Lubrae is highly advised.

While many viable options have come and gone at Lubrae’s, you can’t go wrong with Surrounded and Grave Robber. Being surrounded by adversaries increases your damage, and killing one with a melee reloads your ammo – a potent combo. Stick to Auxiliary Reserves and Accurized Rounds for more shields and improved projectile range.

Nessa’s Oblation – Shotgun

The Root of Nightmares raid, which debuted with the introduction of Lightfall, contains an amazing Pinpoint Slug Shotgun called Nessa’s Oblation. It can be beneficial in both PVP and PVE, but it may be most effective as a PvE damage-dealing weapon. If you want to try it in PVP, you should definitely go with Opening Shot in the second column.

For PVE, a roll with Reconstruction or Fourth Time’s The Charm in the first perk column is a great place to start. Add Focused Fury to the second column for the ideal major and boss-damage shotgun, especially if you’ve missed out on other potent options like First In, Last Out in the past. If you want to spice up your Void build, use Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds to perfectly synergize your weapons and construct.

Nezarec’s Whisper – Glaive

Nezarec’s Whisper is a superb craftable glaive that gives several excellent out-of-combat Easter Eggs in addition to its combat potency. This glaive is one of Nezarec’s named objects, and when equipped, it can assist you in deciphering some enigmatic whispers on Neomuna, allowing you to hear a secret snippet of discussion rather than incoherent whispers.

There are several powerful god rolls to select from, but Frenzy and Demolitionist may be the most versatile, especially in PVE as this glaive isn’t the best PVP option. Install Accurized Rounds and Supercooled Accelerator to extend your range and ensure your projectile hits from a long distance.

Submission – SMG

SMGs, especially with a mouse and keyboard, are difficult to outclass as primary weapons. Submission is especially important because this SMG is one of the greatest in Destiny 2 game. Another Vow Of The Disciple raid weapon that will take some time to obtain, a Stability masterwork will come in handy.

Chambered Compensator and Accurized Rounds should be placed first and second, respectively. Your third and fourth slots provide options, but Overflow and Frenzy work well together in almost any case. Overflow’s doubled magazine size is especially significant here, as the weapon’s rate of fire guarantees you can inflict a lot of damage to lesser adversaries rapidly, easily clearing them out.

Cataclysmic – Linear Fusion Rifle

Linear fusions had their moment in the spotlight during Season of the Lost, but that doesn’t mean LFRs are any less strong now. Not to mention that Cataclysmic is another raid weapon, so you can expect some fantastic perk combos.

A masterwork in Stability, Charge Time, or Reload Speed with Fluted Barrel and Projection Fuse is the ideal place to start. Then, combine Bait and Switch with Fourth Time’s The Charm (FTTC) for the ideal combo for dishing out loads of damage to monsters with ease. As long as you hit their crit area, this Destiny 2’weapon will continue to deal massive damage as you trigger FTTC for more ammo in the mag.

Rufus’s Fury – Auto Rifle

Rufus’ Fury is yet another formidable weapon accessible from the Root Of Nightmares raid, providing you with even another 720 RPM Auto Rifle option. This Strand weapon comes with a fantastic pool of perks to choose from, as well as various feasible options for building the ideal Auto Rifle for all of your requirements.

This weapon thrives in PVE and has a few specific rolls. That can get the job done: Rewind Rounds and Frenzy or Demolitionist and Hatchling. The former perk combination will allow you to deal massive damage to powerful adversaries and quickly clear waves. When combined with the Threadling Grenade, the second combo requires a Strand build. But can help you overwhelm your opponents with an avalanche of powerful Strand Hatchlings.

Forbearance – Wave Frame GL

Forbearance is a very powerful Grenade Launcher obtained by finishing the Vow Of The Disciple raid. While Wave Frames are excellent niche picks in PVP, this weapon does not require a master’s touch to be effective. Its strongest application is certainly in PVE, where you will be able to quickly dispatch rooms full of foes.

Forbearance’s god roll of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction elevates it to the game’s top minor-enemy clearing weapon. This legendary Wave Frame additionally has High-Velocity Rounds and Quick Launch to round out its potent main perk package. Aim at the ground to hurl a wave of Arc energy at groups of foes. Then enjoy the next magazine with two grenades thanks to Ambitious Assassin to keep wreaking havoc.

Acasia’s Dejection – Trace Rifle

Acasia’s Dejection is a fantastic Trace Rifle that shares the same archetype as Retraced Path. If you can’t get your hands on the Solar Trace Rifle, this is a great substitute. Trace Rifles are an unusual choice for PVP, however Perpetual Motion and High Impact Reserves will suffice if you absolutely must employ this weapon in Crucible.

However, thanks to incredible first-column perks like Rewind Rounds and Reconstruction that pair incredibly well with either Incandescent or Frenzy, Acasia’s Dejection can really stretch its legs in the PVE side of Happy Wheels game. Rewind Rounds and Incandescent should allow you to keep the trigger down while clearing minor foes, whereas Reconstruction and Frenzy should allow you to do massive sustained damage with lightning-fast reloads. With an Enhanced Battery for more ammo and a Fluted Barrel for better handling. You’ll have one of the best god rolls in Destiny 2.

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