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5 Best way to Designing Display Boxes

Display boxes are a great way to present your products and make them stand out in the market. They can be used as a counter display or on store shelves. And they also have many other usages like packaging and shipping. They are a type of packaging that is ideal for promoting a product. You can make it out of cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Display packs are an excellent approach to making your products stand out. You can also use them to store and safeguard your things until it is better to sell them. 

Here are five ideas for making them stand out:

Select a color that grabs customer attention instantly

When it comes to the design of jewelry display boxes, choose a color that grabs customer attention instantly. This is critical if you desire your product to get noticed.

The best way to do this is by choosing a color that will pop against its background. You want something that stands out from its surroundings. This can be as simple as selecting an orange box next to a blue wall or vice versa. 

Color is one of the most crucial ingredients in designing a display box. It’s the first thing a customer sees, and it can make or break your product. 

You can get any color you desire or like. But if it’s not bright and vibrant, it may not be noticed by customers who walk past your store or website.

Use unusual and eye-catching shapes for Display Boxes

Shapes are a great way to create a sense of personality, and you can also use them to convey a message. 

Display packs are designed to be visible and attractive. The best ones will have a shape that makes them easy to catch the attention of potential customers while also being simple and easy to use. The easiest way to do this is by using unusual shapes or ones not commonly used in the industry.

For example, try using hexagons or octagons instead of square boxes. These shapes are much less common, making your box stand out more than a typical square box would. 

Another good idea is to use bright colors for your countertop display to stand out from other products that are on display on the same shelf or countertop.

Try to avoid using the same shape as your products. For example, if you’re selling notebooks and pens, don’t use a notebook with a pen. It’s boring and unoriginal. Instead, try using an unusual shape like a triangle or an oval.

Keep Display Boxes creative and simple 

Can you keep your cardboard displays simple? Don’t overthink it.

If you’re having trouble with a design, try to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t try to be too clever or cute. Because you’ll probably end up with something that looks like a box of crayons. 

Instead, focus on making your product stand out by highlighting its main features and colors. For example, if you’re selling a product that’s only available in one color, make sure that color is the main focus of your design.

A great way to keep your cardboard display box simple and creative is to use simple shapes, colors, fonts, and materials. You don’t need to spend a fortune on appealing items for your goods because they will waste resources if not used appropriately.

Pick a high-quality material 

This is a no-brainer, but it’s still the best way to go. Why? Because it’s all about quality and durability. You want a wall display box that will last for years. So be sure you pick something that has the highest quality materials possible.

When it comes to creating custom display boxes, you need to pick a high-quality material. This means taking the time to find something durable and attractive that will hold up well in any situation.

When looking for materials, consider what you plan on storing inside your box. If it’s fragile or delicate, like jewelry or art pieces, look for something with a velvet-like finish or a smooth surface that won’t scratch easily. 

Wood is probably your best bet for larger items like books or furniture items.

There are three main materials that you can use for boxes. These include cardboard, polyethylene (PE), and PVC.

Be true to your brand

Branding is important, so you must make sure your packaging is consistent with your brand. Cardboard Display boxes are a terrific way to showcase your brand and products. They’re also an easy way to make sure that customers can see what you have to offer and get them into the store. The very first and initial thing you should do when designing your box is to be true to your brand. If you’re selling a product with a specific shape or color scheme, the packet must match that aspect of the product as closely as possible.

If you’re designing boxes for multiple sizes of products, keep in mind that some items may not fit perfectly inside a certain size box. Plus, it is important to know that branding is very important. And your packaging should reflect your brand. If you simply know how to make the boxes stand out. Then there is a possibility of getting an overnight success as well. 


In conclusion, there are many ways to design display boxes that suit your needs in terms of size, shape, and color. You can choose one that is most appropriate for the product you are selling. We have seen that display containers are essential for the success of any business. The best way to choose a display pack is to take time and consider what you need. Remember, the most important factor is that your consumers are satisfied with their purchases!

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