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Har Ki Doon trek literally means the Valley of the Gods. Several local beliefs and myths suggest that this is the valley through which the Pandavas made their way to heaven. The valley, running through fragrant orchids, vast meadows and dense alpine forest, remains covered with snow for several months.This moderate trek takes you to one of the least explored regions of the Garhwal Himalayas where civilization has not yet influenced the lifestyle of the simple village people living here. With rhododendron trees, rivers, villages and flowers along the way giving you so many beautiful views along the way, no poem will work.


Kuari-Pass is one such trek that is in a somewhat different league entirely. The trek which is located south of the Tibetan border starts from Joshimath in the Chamoli district of the Himalayas; Which has developed into a hub for trekkers and pilgrims in this part of the Himalayas. Kuari means ‘gate’ and we suggest it to be the door within you. As you reach the heights, the Himalayas stand in front of you in a spectacular arc and the play of light from the trees is a visual delight.It is almost religious to look so closely at the high mountains of the sky. Take a walk through the oak and deodar forests for the closest view of Mount Nanda Devi.


What would you call a place that crosses three of the world’s five highest motorable passes, with two border crossings, the world’s second highest saltwater lake, three different terrains, three different cultures? And there are five mountain ranges? We will call this meditation for the soul.Ladakh becomes inhospitable during winters and when we, adventures step into the picture and one of the most nerve-wracking sheets of snow, the Chadar Decide to conquer the trek. The Chadar Trek is one of the routes that connects villages in the Zanskar Valley (deep within the hills) to coolness. 

If the thought of walking on frozen river ice with a backpack on your back and the very cold treacherous waters a few inches below your feet intimidate you, you’re not alone, getting to the end of it isn’t easy, and it’s the best. Is part of .For better or worse, Chadar Trek is an endangered activity and will cease to exist in its present form within a year or two. Take this life-changing opportunity for as long as it still lasts.


Undoubtedly the main attraction of West Bengal and the gem of the country, Darjeeling is a city that resides in the foothills of the Himalayas. With the backdrop of Mount Kangchenjunga, India’s highest peak towering above the azure skies, Darjeeling is called the Queen of Hills. Large tea gardens look like ribbons of emerald green stretching across steep mountain peaks. When you are not looking at Kangchenjunga with your mouth open, you may decide to embark on a trek that will leave such an impact on your life that your outlook will completely change. Sandakphu is one of the most favorite treks in India. Being the highest peak in West Bengal, it provides a panoramic view of the 4 highest peaks in the world; Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu; The whole group of these four together make up the sleeping Buddha. This trek runs along the India and Nepal border so practically you will be going in and out of Nepal on several occasions. Also called trekkers wonderland, the night sky here is sure to amaze you.


Brahmatal is a classic winter trek. The summit reveals a heavenly aspect when the snow gently falls on its slopes; Most of the trek is on snow, which makes it extremely exciting. Apart from the uneven terrain, the trek is replete with beautiful landscapes, sprawling forests and towering mountains of Garhwal spread across the sky and white undulating snowfields all around you. Once you cross the shadow of the trees, the entire splendor of the Himalayas falls upon you. The never ending streaks, the giant bugyal,High altitude lakes, spectacular peak views and snowfall on the trails make it a compelling proposition for winter treks. In the middle of the Brahma Tal ridge is a hidden and secluded lake, where Lord Brahma, according to legend, meditated. The frozen blue lake with mighty Himalayan peaks that overlooks it is a mesmerizing and an unmatched experience.

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