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Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Bangalore


Bangalore is known as one of the IT hubs in the country and many people visit the city every year for work, but this is not the only reason that makes Bangalore such a great city. There are many other reasons. Surrounded by hill stations and many weekend getaways, the location also caters to the needs of travellers and backpackers. There are many great resorts in and around the city. These resorts are one of the reasons why people can always escape to nature.

These resorts near Bangalore have everything you need for your vacation. Check out our list of the best resorts to book your vacation.

You can also enjoy New Year Party in Bangalore, which is also the best way to share your new year with friends.

Golden Palms Resort 

If you’re planning a luxurious weekend getaway and don’t think about making it happen, simply book a room at this stunning resort near Bangalore. There is a spa and an on-site restaurant serving delicious South Indian and other Indian dishes. Rooms are equipped with all the latest amenities, including WiFi and a 24-hour help desk. One of the best features of this place is that it has the largest swimming pool in the country. Plus, you’ll have everything you need to complete your 2-3 day vacation.

Exclusive Features:

Business travelers can book large meeting rooms at this resort

The resort also has an art fitness center open to all guests.

Modern amenities including Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, minibar and coffee maker.

Urban Valley Resort

If you need to pick the best resort near Bangalore to spend time with friends and family, this is the place. Located just 45 minutes from the capital, Bangalore, the resort is renowned for offering and operating a number of water sports activities, including adventure sports such as kayaking and ziplining. This lakeside resort is a popular choice for corporate meetings and other events. For a short break, this resort near Bangalore for a weekend is an ideal option. Other resort facilities are also world class.

Exclusive Features:

There is a special play area where many indoor games can be played.

Provide opportunities for customers to practice outdoor activities such as rock climbing, squash, basketball, etc., in addition to indoors.

Resort has all kinds of basic and modern amenities

The Windflower Prakruti Resort

Windflower Prakruti Resort, one of the finest resorts around Bangalore, is known for its large settlement. increase. Spread over 7 hectares of land, it is nationally famous. One of the reasons for its popularity is not only the vast area, but also the beautiful surroundings. This resort can be considered a luxurious way to go for a weekend getaway. The on-site spa is one of the main highlights of the place, along with the many adventure activities offered here.

Exclusive Features:

Bike zone, team building activities, zorbing, outdoor sports, halls and banquets.

You can book rooms, studios, villas or even entire bungalows to spend your time at the resort.

Resort Offers In-Room Dining

Holiday Village Resort

The name of this resort simplifies the idea of an ideal getaway. Facilities do not give a village feel, modern and simple facilities are always here

The resort’s surroundings and settings provide a peaceful spectacle for the eyes, mind and spirit. If you want to spend quality time in nature, this place is enough. The resort offers a variety of plants and fine dining.

Exclusive Features:

Offers a wide range of activities including paintball, beach volleyball and rain dancing.

The resort also offers excellent food and drink.

Basic amenities such as 24-hour room service, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and toiletries are available in all rooms.

RD’s Nature Retreat Resort Near Bangalore,

Resort is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy peace and tranquility. If you want a weekend like this, this weekend’s Nature Retreat on RD should be your destination. In addition to great rooms, the resort also offers free tent nights under the stars. This resort is he one of the best family friendly resorts close to Bangalore.

Exclusive Features:

Some of the best activities offered here include rain dancing, pool parties, abseiling, trekking and rock climbing.

The resort also offers buffets with delicious food to suit any budget.

One of the good things about this place is that it’s pet friendly.

Wonderla Resort

If you are bored with your daily life and want a relaxing weekend away, Wonderla Resort is the place for you. The biggest attraction of this resort is that it has an amusement park called Wonderla. This allows you to indulge in activities at the water park. The resort has all the luxury facilities to make your vacation unforgettable.

The room has a separate living area with plenty of space for urgent office work

Country Club Resorts

Almost all the listed resorts near Bangalore are known for their surroundings and beautiful appearance. However, the resorts we are talking about here are known for having great rooms. It is close to the main road of Sajapur and has first-class facilities. Not only is it known for its closed days and holidays, but it also has a banquet hall perfect for booking parties and events.

Exclusive Features:

Provide excellent fitness and spa services to all our guests and visitors.

There is surprisingly good sattvic food here.

Has a swimming pool

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