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7 Items You Should Never Buy In Bloodborne

When it comes to spending Blood Echoes, players should always exercise caution. It is best to avoid spending them on these goods in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is one of the best video games ever developed, chock-full of dark gothic architecture, eerie Lovecraftian motifs, and some of the best lore gaming has ever conceived. Bloodborne’s environment is intriguing in its own gloomy way, with its fast-paced combat guaranteeing that players either learn how to be aggressive or die trying over and over.

The game replaces the famed Souls of FromSoftware’s previous games with Blood Echoes, with nearly comparable functionality. Blood Echoes can be used to level up or purchase equipment. Given how pricey some weapons are, the latter can be a difficult option to make, thus players should be well aware of which weapons they should buy to make things easier for themselves.

Quicksilver Bullets

Quicksilver Bullets are a vital resource for players who rely heavily on their firearm in battle. These shots will be utilized frequently by gamers aggroing adversaries or staggering them for a violent attack.

These bullets can run out if players fire their gun too frequently, and players may be tempted to buy more if this occurs. However, players can generate enough bullets by exploring the game world and can also use their own life force to generate some if they run out.


The bulk of weapons in Bloodborne are worth investing in due to their distinct moveset and features. It takes something truly exceptional for a weapon to be regarded as a waste of Blood Echoes, but the Tonitrus becomes notorious precisely for this reason.

The Tonitrus can be augmented with Lightning, however few adversaries in the game are vulnerable to this element in the first place. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this weapon is that its moveset is extremely boring, which is a travesty in a brilliant game like Bloodborne, where combat is its strongest suit. Players should never spend 26000 Blood Echoes on this weapon, especially when it is available as loot.

Rope Molotov Cocktail

With many adversaries in Bloodborne being extremely vulnerable to fire, the Molotov Cocktail is one of the greatest throwables in the game. These weapons can be found around the game world, and players can amass a decent stock of them after a certain point.

The Rope Molotov Cocktail is a variant of this weapon that is thrown behind the player, which can be handy if the player is being pursued by foes they’d rather not face. However, using this throwable is difficult on its own. And it costs more than a regular Molotov Cocktail, making it a waste of Blood Echoes.

Oil Urn

The Oil Urn is an excellent item to utilize if you want to take advantage of most foes’ fire weakness in Bloodborne. After all, dousing an opponent in oil makes them more combustible, boosting the damage of such attacks in the process.

This throwable can be discovered around Drift Boss game world, although it is quite pricey if purchased from a trader. The damage bonus is useful, but players don’t need to spam this item. Instead, they can reserve these Oil Urns for the game’s toughest battles and use their Blood Echoes for something else.

Poison Knife

Poison is a fantastic state effect in Bloodborne that players can utilize to slowly hurt foes. It’s also a rather annoying debuff to have. So players understand how effective things like the Poison Knife can be when utilized correctly.

The greatest issue with this weapon is that it costs a whooping 2800 Blood Echoes to purchase. Which is far from inexpensive. Players should conserve their Poison Knives for tougher adversaries rather than squandering them on normal enemies. Unless they have more than enough Blood Echoes to spare.

Shining Coins

Shining Coins in Bloodborne act similarly to Prism Stones in Dark Souls, allowing players to identify specific spots so that they can map out specific environments if they become lost. This is especially handy in Chalice Dungeons, where the random arrangement can make regions look quite similar and confusing.

While these items are certainly inexpensive, they do not justify purchasing them in any way. After all, players will have more than enough Shining Coins in their inventory just through exploring. Not to mention that Bloodborne’s regular sections are well-designed and easy to explore.


Pebbles is another inexpensive item that gamers should avoid purchasing. These items are ideal for gamers who want to divide mobs and easily take down groups of opponents. After all, being outnumbered in a battle prevents players from launching a viable offensive. Causing them endless frustration as they are repeatedly stun-locked by multiple enemies.

The main reason against purchasing Pebbles in the game is. Because players can obtain a sufficient number of these goods through regular exploring alone. There are more methods to annoy enemies, and buying Pebbles over and over can grow tedious after a while.

Bloodborne is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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