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7 Things to Look for When Buying a Pre-Owned Car

When purchasing a pre-owned car, it pays to be meticulous enough to spot any potential issues. Even if the car has good mileage, you’ll never know what problems you might face on the road. Purchasing a pre-owned cars is just the same as buying a brand new model. Before you close the deal on the pre-owned cars you’ve been eyeing, here are a few things that you should consider checking first.

Car warranty coverage

To make the most of your pre-owned car, it is ideal that you choose one that is still under warranty for a long time. With good warranty coverage, you are assured that not all auto issues that might arise are shouldered only by you. One good thing is that warranties can be transferred to another owner. This gives you extra financial leverage especially when dealing with additional repair expenses since you’ll never be too sure about the performance of your purchased car.

Cost of Maintenance

Make sure you don’t spend more than you own! Have your potential one assessed by a local automobile shop and see to it that the cost of maintenance and repairs will not be more expensive than purchasing the auto itself. Not too sure where to find any used luxury cars in Houston? It’s not that hard to look for the best automobile dealers in your area. Just remember to consult a professional mechanic to know the overall repair costs when choosing your next car.  

Air-conditioning and heating

You don’t want to be freezing cold inside or feel like you’re driving a hot oven, right? When it comes to driving, comfort should always be prioritized over how your car looks on the outside. Your car’s air-conditioning and heating system allow you to control and regulate the temperature inside your vehicle depending on the weather to keep you comfortable. Issues with the air-conditioning and heating system are common in used cars, so better have it checked by a local mechanic.

Car Vehicle History

Is it used or abused? How does the condition of the car hold up with today’s standards? Before you spend your money on a used automobile, it’s better to get a vehicle history report first. This lets you know whether it has been recalled or declared as salvage. If so, then you shouldn’t bother checking it out as it is not safe to drive anymore. Are you ready to get that BMW you’ve been saving up for? There are a number of reliable automobile shops in Houston that can help you find your dream car with good vehicle history. 

Car mileage

The car’s mileage also means “vehicle life.” It indicates how many miles the previous owner has put in. In other words, it lets you know how “used” the car is. It makes more sense if you choose a used car with lower mileage, right? Even if the car is well maintained but it’s already in its peak performance years, issues in performance are inevitable, especially when it has already reached 100,000 miles. If you really want to be sure about the car’s performance over the years, it’s always better to contact the previous owner.

Body condition

When choosing your next car, know the things to look for before buying it. It’s always smart to choose a used car in mint condition. That way you’re confident enough that hidden rust isn’t eating up the car’s body and other parts. Check for major cosmetic flaws that could lead to serious expenses in the future. Also make sure the engine, transmission, suspension, and brake system are also in tip-top shape. If the repair costs outweigh your yearly budget then you might want to skip that car. 

The engine

Think of it as the powerhouse of your vehicle. Know if the car’s engine had been properly maintained by its previous owner. Engine oil needs to be changed on a regular basis to improve and maintain the performance and efficiency of the engine. A poorly maintained car engine could cost you a lot of repairs or even end up replacing the whole thing. If you’re not sure about the car engine’s condition then consider consulting a local professional mechanic first before closing the deal.


Whether it’s your dream car that you’ve been saving up for or a fine addition to your collection. We tend to get too excited about choosing the right one for us. One final tip that you should remember is this: don’t let your emotions decide for you. Even if a pre-owned car is relatively cheap. Choosing a poorly maintained vehicle could cost you just as much as buying a new one. As a car owner, always ensure that comfort and safety are your top priority.

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