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Best Books on Dissertation Writing That Can Help to Enhance Writing Skills

Dissertation writing is full of challenges, especially for undergraduates. There are so many things to complete for writing even an average level of the dissertation. It comprises different chapters, and completing each chapter demands hard work or strong motivation from students. The chapter-wise distribution helps the researcher to complete research goals by applying rules of division of labour. Extraordinary writing skills, strong command of grammatical mistakes, good problems solving approach, and abilities to critically evaluate facts are very basic requirements for writing a good dissertation. There are many books that may help you in polishing these dissertation writing skills. This article aims to tell students about some of these books on dissertation writing so even undergraduate students can meet high-quality writing standards.

What is Dissertation Writing All About?


A dissertation is a long piece of literary document that must base on original or unique research. Typically, it allows students to present their research findings on a topic selected by them in front of the university’s research council. Its main purpose is to test the independent research skills that a student acquired during his stay at university. All in all, to get a research degree, students must have to pass the dissertation assessment phase at any cost.

What Skills Are Required to Write a Dissertation?

To start a dissertation, a student must master writing as well as interpersonal skills. Searching for the best topic for conducting research is the first task that needs you to polish your research skills. Research questions or hypotheses formulation must be the second step in writing that requires students to exhibit extraordinary reading and critical thinking skills. Moreover, answering research question needs one to develop good problem-solving skills. Selecting a research plan requires good planning and task management skills. Furthermore, to reach a conclusion, one must develop good analytical thinking or reasoning skills. Apart from all these skills, for making a final copy of a dissertation, good writing and presentation skills are required. All in all, the skills essential for writing a dissertation must include problem-solving, writing, decision-making, planning, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, research, and reading.

Books on Dissertation Writing That Every Student Must Read:

Books on dissertation writing are very helpful in navigating the shortest route to success. But finding the best book may be challenging for early-year students. Thus, to find the best book, you must seek help from experts or Cheap Dissertation Writing UK. However, the following is a brief list of some of the best books on dissertation writing that may help you in developing an understanding of the writing process.

1- Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language (by Brain Paltridge & Sue Strafield)

This book takes a scenario where the native-English supervisors have to teach dissertation writing to non-English native students. It gives tips and tricks to supervisors to teach all essentials of dissertation writing to students who use English as a second language. Thus, if English is your second language as well, you must read this book to polish your dissertation writing skills. 

2- Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide (by Joan Bolker)

Among all books on dissertation writing mentioned in this article, this is the only one that guides students on the way to finding their own personal style, program, or rhythm for writing a thesis in only fifteen minutes per day. Its ideas are for student who is struggling to get rid of procrastination.   

3- Dissertation Writing in Practice: Turning Ideas into Text (by Linda Cooley and Jo Lewkowicz)

This book is written to guide students on the linguistic features of writing a dissertation. It pays special attention to the fact that writers must put some extra effort into increasing the readability of the text mentioned in a dissertation. Each important linguistic feature is explained with the help of examples taken from authentic writing samples.

4- A Concise Guide to Writing a Thesis or Dissertation (by Halyna Mars Kornuta and Ronald Wesley Germaine)

Each chapter in a dissertation has a specific purpose and guidelines to follow while writing it. This book explained the purpose of each and tries to let readers know about it easy-to-follow structure. The first chapter of this book explains the writing step of the introduction of a dissertation, the second explains the literature review writing tips, the third is all about methodology, the fourth discusses the discussion chapter, and the fifth elaborates on conclusion writing tips.

5- Writing Your Doctorate Dissertation: Invisible Rules for success (by Rita S, Brause)

This book helps doctorate students whose college life could not prepare them to effectively deal with the dissertation writing challenges. Thus, this book is written to guide students in the planning, writing, and defending phases of dissertation writing. Apart from basic writing tips, this book also describes the ways to choose the best research designs for achieving proposed research outcomes.

6- Writing Your Dissertation, 3rd Edition: The best-selling guide to planning, preparing and presenting first-class work (by Derek Swetnam and Ruth Swetnam)

If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, this is one of the most helpful books on dissertation writing that focuses on tools and techniques to produce a first-class dissertation. It gives you guidelines about planning realistic timetables and various structuring aspects. It also helps you achieve quality writing standards by describing some common mistakes to avoid in dissertation writing.

The Additional Title of Books on Dissertation Writing:

These are the six most common types of books on dissertation writing that may help you in solving all writing problems. They will also provide you with the best way to polish all necessary academic or dissertation writing skills. Apart from this, the following are the names of some additional books that may help in dissertation writing:

A Practical Guide to Dissertation And Thesis Writing (by Mark Stephan Felix and Ian Smith)

Demystifying Dissertation Writing: A Streamlined Process from Choice of Topic to Final Text (by Peg Boyle Single)

Inside Track: Writing Dissertations and Theses (by Neil Murray and  David Beglar)

Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide  (by Allan A. Glatthorn and Randy L. Joyner)

Final Thoughts:

Books are always one the best friends of students. It secretly tells all secrets to success and allows you to gain confidence in your own abilities. Thus, the article has provided a brief description of six good books on dissertation writing along with some additional titles so you can gain confidence in dissertation writing.

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