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Bread Knife Review

This article was published on October 7, 2022 Knife & Knives The Knife & Knives brand sells a wide range of knives worldwide. Which includes kitchen knife sets, chef knife sets, hunting knives, folding knives, Damascus, and Japanese kitchen knives.

Japanese cuisine isn’t full of dessert recipes though. But knife & knives artisans produce high-quality bread knives for professional chefs and hobbyists alike.

Bread Knife: Features and Types

A bread knife has a very narrow specialty – medium-sized soft products, ie bread, melon, pies, cakes, etc. This is why not all professional chefs include a knife in their kit. His “unconditionality” – he most likely does not need such a tool, as a rule, two or three ordinary copies are enough for the entire kitchen. But in everyday life, such a knife is real salvation that saves you time and nerves when cutting bread.

Let’s take a look at the specific features of a bread knife.

1. Serrated Sharpening

Yes, the tool does not have a smooth section. Instead, you’ll get a wavy edge. Abbreviation Senator. Sharpening this blade has its advantages: It stays sharp for a very long time. You get even portions and can cut even the most tender foods without damaging the texture. There are only two drawbacks: a limited selection of products (for example, cutting, for example, processed cheese is undesirable – creates unnecessary trouble for yourself) and the need for professional sharpening. Because the blade will also get dull sooner or later.

2. Absence of a point

Bread knives are useless – due to the characteristics of the tool, it is not necessary. The role of tip is performed by dozens of saw teeth that penetrate the material. This will make the initial process of working with it easier.

3. Big Size

Oversized bread knives are not that small. Compared to the same universal blade, the blade length is more suitable for the size of the product you need.

This list of stats can do just that – you can set this blade apart from the rest. In short, there aren’t many types of bread knives. At least in the professional culinary business. So choosing the tool will not be a problem for you.

How to choose a kitchen knife for baking bread?

To make the right decision, you just need to keep a few points in mind. But don’t rush – as the Eastern sages say: “Those who expect natural haste are vain – only mysterious and restless people.” In other words, don’t be too quick to make decisions. Specifications before purchase.

1. Steel

Ceramic lovers will be somewhat disappointed: bread knives are only made of single or multilayer steel, due to their sharpening properties. I can note the following: single-layer steel is more accessible, and multi-layer (mainly Damascus steel) is almost eternal. But not true.

2. Bolster

There is a thickening at the bolster junction where the handle ends and the blade begins. Bolsters can be standard or antibacterial, ie made of a material containing silver ions.

3. Sharpener Type

The sharpener type is always classified as “double edge” when in fact it is a classic serrated blade. The main difference between a cutting edge and a saw is that there is no wiring that literally “breaks” the surface of the material.

Now you know what should be the best knife for cutting bread – it’s just a matter of choosing the right model from the entire product line. All are carefully crafted by artisans!

How to use a bread knife?

Bread knives are used in the kitchen like any other knife – they can be washed in the dishwasher. (If the blade model allows.) Afterward, drying the iron is recommended. It is best to store it in a special stand – a universal brush stand or a regular magnet will do. Here are some facts that owners should know:

  • Do not cut hot pastries and other sticky foods as this will cause the knife to stick.
  • Avoid dropping the blade if possible.
  • When to Sharpen Take your tools to a professional workshop. 

Choose a professional blade knife & knives – enjoy European comfort with Japanese quality and elegance every day!

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