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Rules For Choosing a Japanese Damascus Chef Knifes Set

When choosing a Japanese Damascus Chef knife set for the home, it is not necessary to evaluate all aspects of a professional chef. However, for the convenience of working with products, it is important to distinguish bad knives from good knives, as well as to understand which products are suitable for specific knife models. The choice is complicate by a large number of materials, sizes, and purposes. Their types will be discusse in detail in the article.

Types of Japanese Damascus Chef knife set.

Cookware manufacturers offer a wide range of knives. This is because each product must use a specific size, blade, and handle. Choosing the right tools for each type of product will help keep the product in working condition for longer. There are several types of knives:


Povarskaya is A versatile tool for professional chefs. It has a wide blade, great weight, and length. They can cut frozen foods, fruits, and vegetables.

For Bread:

the main difference is the narrow serrated blade, which cuts through soft bread easily without lumps or wrinkles.


A thin, movable blade product for cutting fish or steak comfortably. With this knife, you can easily remove the skin without damaging the meat.

For vegetables:

A tool with a small arched blade over 7-8 cm for peeling vegetables. Comfortable in hand when cutting.

To make knife selection easier, you should use the kitchen rule of thirds. This is a group of three products that are often used in the home:

  • Universal chef knife for cutting any product;
  • A bakery knife with a serrated blade;
  • The purpose is to peel vegetables and fruits.

A small set will help prepare any dish without needing to spend big.

Modern knives are made of different types of steel and ceramics. Depending on the material, the durability of the tools depends, which is why it is especially important to buy Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set with durable raw materials. Steel tools are the most durable items. When choosing, you need to study the characteristics of different types of steel:


Made of alloys of iron and carbon. Items made from this raw material are cheap and easy to sharpen, but they tend to rust or stain stubbornly. When bitten, the product can acquire an unpleasant glandular taste.

Stainless Steel.

The main components of stainless steel are iron, nickel, chrome, and carbon. A mild material that requires regular sharpening, but will not rust or corrode. It is almost impossible to fasten products from this raw material after it spoils and is use in the kitchen.

High carbon stainless steel. 

The high-quality material retains its sharpness for a long period without any deterioration or deterioration. The solid raw material that can easily cut any product.

Benefits of Kuchenland Knives.

To understand how to choose the right knife for the kitchen, you need to study the characteristics of the material and the offers of different manufacturers. Products for slicing fruit, peeling vegetables, and processing meat or fish have been develop for the Kitchenland Home Group, as well as ready-to-use knife sets with bamboo handles. All tools are completely developed

by the company, from the design to the choice of sustainable raw materials.

Kochenland’s designers have created the perfect combination of blade length, handle, and dimensions. The knives are comfortable to hold and the blades are suitable for cutting any food. The elements are made of high-strength stainless steel by cold forging. Gadgets in different shapes will not only be useful helpers in the kitchen but will also fit into any kitchen design.

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