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Buying vs Renting: A Luxury Car in Dubai

Dubai is a city with every luxury imaginable. They are privileged in all aspects, whether it is their way of life or modern technology. Exotic sports cars are also quite frequent in Dubai. On the highways of Dubai, you may readily spot highly uncommon luxury car brands and types. We are all know that this is a human nature that is influenced by his surrounds and environment. A regular person is also fascinated by luxury cars. On the other hand, many people may find it impossible to afford such a costly car, so they prefer to choose Ferrari car rental. And many of them are fortunate enough to effortlessly purchase a super luxury car. And the majority of individuals are still unsure whether buying a car or renting a car is the better option.

What is the best way to keep luxury car?

Buying VS renting a luxury car in Dubai:

They both are highly dependent upon your circumstances and situations whether choose to buy a super luxury vehicle or rent it out as per your need. We will help you to select the best option for you. In the light of facts that how each of them will impact you directly or indirectly. You can judge the best one for you in the light of following discussion and comparison.

Highlights about buying a luxury car in Dubai:

Well, as we can see the financial state has gone through drastic change within past few years. Like many other things these days, buying a car, is not a cheap option anymore. However, owning a new car is out of reach for most people, especially those earning hand to mouth. Although having a car has become the necessity of life in this era. But this is still unreachable for many.
The car itself has a cost, which you may have to pay in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments. Despite the fact that Dubai offers very favorable conditions for car owners. The car loans are very much feasible, taxes are relatively low, good value for money.
However, taxes, fuel, parking fees, repairs, and maintenance, and so on are a significant additional burden. And, if we try to calculate the annual cost of a purchased car versus a rental car, then rent a Ferrari near me in Dubai is more advantageous. In fact, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to determine the exact scenario. Let’s go through it together:

Buying a luxury car: Good VS Bad


  • This is a car that you actually own and has your name on the file
  • You can trade your car anytime, anywhere to get the latest variant in exchange of it
  • You are free to take your car anywhere without being worried for crossing the mileage limits
  • You do not have to wait for availability of car at particular time duration
  • This could be your investment and can be liquidity at time of need


  • Expensive, and you will be bound to pay hefty monthly installments.
  • High maintenance cost for the damages, minor faults etc.
  • Value is getting lower as the time passes. You won’t get the actual amount in which you buy such exotic vehicle back then.
  • Your car is not your possession until you pay off the debt. If you do not pay the installment your car will be seized anytime anywhere.
  • You cannot perform any customization until you absolute owner of the car.
  • Pay an additional parking amount if you don’t have a place to park a car.

Renting a luxury car: good vs bad


  • This is extremely reasonable. Get more cost efficient if you opt luxury car rental for longer period of time.
  • All the damages are covered by the company or insured by the agency
  • You can do major upgrade within a few minutes absolutely hassle free
  • No need to take stress if your car got stuck at any point. Because you have an opportunity to contact rental car services providers for your assistance
  • Any sort of changes can be done in agreement (if applicable)
  • You can enjoy an extravagant event by hiring a Ferrari wedding rental without getting out of your budget
  • Hiring latest models with seamless drive is quicker than buying a new car


  • You can not take the car out of border limits without approval.
  • You cannot customize and modify the rental car as per your desires
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