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How To Prepare Your Loved One For His First AA Meeting in Arizona

It’s hard to watch your friend destroy his career and family because of alcohol addiction. While you may feel helpless and frustrated at not being able to make him quit drinking, you can talk to him about seeking professional help.

Addiction, whether it’s to do with drugs or alcohol, can be hard to overcome. It soon starts to interfere with regular brain functioning, often leaving a lasting effect here. 

Like any other type of chronic ailment, the addict goes through cycles of recovery and relapse. But, as a friend, you can be there for him through these periods of hope and despair.

How to speak to your friend about addiction

Speaking to someone about his addiction isn’t easy; you may feel that it’s not right to interfere in his personal life. You may be worried about others saying things that contradict your opinion. And most importantly, you have every right to be terrified that the conversation may damage your relationship with him for good.

But that doesn’t mean you sit around and wait for things to become worse. Talk to him when he isn’t intoxicated, preferably in a quiet place where he will listen to you. 

And, if you are serious about forcing your friend to quit drinking and show up for AA meetings, you have to be ready for some strong and unpleasant reactions.

What can you say to prepare him for his first AA meeting

Showing up for an AA meeting for the first time takes a lot of courage and willpower. Your friend is likely to feel nervous, jittery, and scared. You can try and lessen his fears by telling him that he doesn’t need to participate actively in the session. Simply attending it is good enough.

Anyone can attend an AA meeting in Arizona; in open meetings, you can even get your family member or best friend to accompany you. So, why don’t you go with him for the first meeting?

If your friend is prepared to attend it on his own, you can help him search for the nearest AA meeting in Arizona. You can even get someone to pick him up for his first meeting.

How to be prepared for the first AA meeting

AA meetings are typically held inside schools or public buildings, and it’s best to reach there before time. So, encourage your friend to reach early and take a seat. The first meeting is just for him to become familiar with the proceedings. He will probably be asked to introduce himself to the others. But he won’t be forced to share his story at this point.

The biggest advantage of attending an AA meeting is to get inspired. Your friend will get to meet people like him who have battled alcoholism and continue to work on their recovery. Such meetings are the key to staying sober; they even encourage members to use a sobriety calculator. Using this tool, he can keep a track of how many days he has been able to stay away from drinking. This helps to keep him motivated in his journey towards complete sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings offer addicts the chance to reach out for support and advice from fellow addicts. It’s not necessary to talk here; it’s more important to listen to others sharing their stories of struggle and victory.


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