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Creative Ideas For Decorating With Concealed Gun Holsters For Women

Women can conceal their guns in a variety of different ways. Some choose to wear a concealed carry vest, while others prefer the convenience of concealed gun holsters for women, such as those found in clothing holsters or thigh holster shorts.

Unlike IWB, which seats the gun and holster right in the waistband, these holsters sit behind the hip, in the 4- to 5-o’clock position. They’re ideal for women who want to carry firearms while working out or running errands.

Garter Belt Holster

The Garter Belt Holster is a concealment solution that works like a traditional garter but has a built-in gun holster. It’s an excellent option for women who want to always keep their firearms with them.

The holster attaches to the band of your bra, and the clamshell secures your weapon in place. The design allows you to draw your gun when needed and is discreet enough for most situations.

Thigh Holster Shorts

Some concealment clothing, like the concealed carry holsters for women, includes a built-in pocket or holster for carrying your handgun. Often, this is a pouch that sits in the waistband of leggings or other garments like skirts or dresses without belt loops.

These garments are convenient and work well, but they may be uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods.

Another option is to wear a pair of thigh holster shorts. These feature two ambidextrous holster pockets for your gun and extra magazines. This is a great solution when you need to carry a gun in a dress or skirt without exposing the firearm to the public.

Corset Holsters

Corset holsters are an ultra-feminine and functional solution for women who want to conceal carry. Like belly band holsters, they fit under pants and don’t require belts. The corset design provides ultimate concealability by covering up the trigger guard and grip. This helps to reduce one of the most common concerns among people who carry – printing.

The only downside of the corset holster is that it’s a little more challenging to draw from than other holsters, and there is an increased risk of sweat leaking into the gun, resulting in rust. For this reason, there are better choices than this for the field or a sporting event. Instead, a shoulder holster may be a better option.

Ankle Holster

If you prefer to conceal carry with a J-frame revolver or compact or subcompact semi-automatic pistol, this ankle holster might be what you’re looking for.

Shoulder Gun Holsters

They also make it easy to get a grip on the gun without alarming a potential assailant or giving away your position. Some models feature magazine pouches on the opposite side of the holster to provide additional carrying options.

Shoulder gun holsters typically feature two straps that wrap around your shoulders like a backpack, with the actual holster mounted to a strap on either the right or left side. The straps are adjustable to accommodate different body types and clothing styles. They can be a good choice for women who want to carry a larger pistol but need help comfortably wearing a belt or ankle holster.

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