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Who is the Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Jaipur?

There are many digital marketing trainers in Jaipur city. To name the best trainer, we conducted research and found one name.

The best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur is Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu. He is an award winning trainer with 12 years of sound experience.

Recently, Mr Sandhu was awarded with Times Power Icon Award by the Times of India

He was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the digital marketing training field. Mr Sandhu is the founder and head trainer at Quibus. 

Quibus Trainings institute offers the best digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Why is Mr Parmveer the Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Jaipur?

Mr Parmveer Singh has won many awards and recognitions in his career. 

There is a great quote, “A teacher who had failed thousand times can only teach how not to fail”.

Let me share some of the achievements of Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu,

1) YouTuber with Silver Play Button

I don’t think any other trainer in Jaipur has this. He owns various YouTube channels. His biggest YouTube channel is “Crafting Hours” with 500K subscribers. 

Now they have stopped working on this channel. Still, also the YouTube channel is generating revenue for them.

A person who is interested in YouTube or wants to become a YouTuber can learn from Mr Parmveer by joining his course.

He had appeared in several YouTube events. You can see his photos by visiting their website.

2) Digital Marketing Agency Owner

He owns a digital marketing agency called Quibus Technosys. Anyone who wants to start their agency can get training from him. He can guide better than anybody else.

At Quibus Trainings digital marketing institute in Jaipur, they focus on Agency styled training, where they train students on how to start their digital marketing agency with no capital. 

It is also one of his biggest achievements, making him the best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur.

3) Colleges and Television Channels Invites Him for Career Counseling

Many colleges invite Mr Parmveer for career counselling. If you visit Quibus Trainings website, you will also see that he had appeared in news channels.

Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu has also appeared in many radio shows.

This is also one of the reasons we have chosen him as the best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

4) Ran Campaigns for Political Parties

According to the Quibus Trainings website, Mr Parmveer Singh ran more than 1 Crore of ad campaigns per year. This shows he is an experienced trainer with extraordinary marketing skills.


Here we end our article. Hope this helped you in finding the best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur. The best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur is none other than Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu.

I have also added his achievements in the article. There are many achievements of Mr Parmveer, but I have only shared a few big ones.

If you want to know more about him, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram. 

Thanks for reading. Please share your opinion about this article in the comment box. I will reply the first 50 comments.

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