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How to Choose Padel Rackets UK?

Have you heard of Padel Rackets UK? It is pronounced pad-ell and is also known as paddle tennis. It is considered to be the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world. And is now played by around eight million people. It is more common in Spain and some Latin American countries.

The Padel Rackets UK game is similar to tennis and squash. In fact, it takes the form of a combination of these sports. But it is said to be simpler and less physically demanding. Padel is a great sport for both children and adults.

How to play Padel

Padel is played with rackets (called padel) and usually as a doubles game (two people on each side of the court). The court is approximately 10 meters by 20 meters, 25% smaller than a tennis court, and is enclosed on four sides by Perspex walls three meters high at the sides and four meters at the ends.

So they don’t play out of bounds and the pitch is smaller. The ball can also be played outside the walls, just like in squash.

The height of the grid is also slightly different. In padel, the height of the net in the center is 88 cm, and in tennis a little over 91 cm.

A tennis racket is strong and has a longer handle. A Padel Rackets UK has a foam core and fiberglass or carbon fiber outer shell and has a short handle.

The padel balls used are similar to tennis balls, but with less pressure when inflated. This makes the ball bounce less and slows down when it hits the wall.

While a Padel Rackets UK allows for a powerful hit to send the ball over the net. The paddle requires less power, and the ability to control your shots comes into play.

Players also serve under their armpits rather than over their heads, and, like squash. The ball can be played over a wall. However, unlike in squash, the ball must bounce once before hitting the wall. It is considered “out” if you hit the ball directly.

Padel is especially popular among beginners for its pace and the fact that it is easier to learn to play.

What are the Padel rules?

Padel scoring is the same as tennis. So a set is won when a couple wins six games with at least two games to spare. The match is the best of three sets.

However, padel differs from tennis in that the game begins with a forehand serve on the opponent’s court. The service is performed by jumping and then hitting the ball while it is still below waist height.

A point is scored if the ball bounces twice on the ground in the opponent’s court or if the ball is not returned.

What is it like to play Padel?

While tennis is a game of agility and hard-hitting, paddle requires less strength, although a certain degree of fitness is still required. Padel is about faster movements, changes of direction, and good reflexes.

In tennis, fitness is more based on strength, while in padel there is more endurance during longer rallies.

Is paddle tennis easier to play than tennis?

Padel is essentially an easier sport to learn and play. A racket with a shorter handle makes it easier to control the ball and there is no overload.

Doubling also requires less physical training to cross the court and the balls also bounce more slowly.

However, the padel ball bounces even lower than a tennis ball. So the game is played closer to the ground, meaning players need good lower body strength and flexibility.

Play Padel in Great Britain

In Great Britain, Padel is played in the Northern Territories and outdoors. There are over 150 padel courts in around 50 clubs across the UK and the number is growing.

Most of the courts are located in England, with about a dozen in Scotland and a few in Wales. Learn more about where to play. you can use Singlet Basic for Women

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