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Do Dogs Require Vitamins and Supplements?

There are varieties of best dog vitamins and pet vitamins and supplements available, but are they really necessary for dogs? It is very common for humans to take supplements and vitamins. If you are a health-conscious person, you probably take supplements to maintain your well-being. Or you must surely take care of the dog food that you are consuming to get the required vitamins and nutrients. With that, it comes the concern for your dogs or puppies. Are the best dog vitamins necessary for dogs? Do dogs also need to take supplements in addition to the food they eat?

Do Dogs Need Supplements And Vitamins?

Comparable to humans, dogs too require proper intake of vitamins and supplements to maintain their well-being. Dogs absorb the required nutrients and vitamins from the food they eat like humans. Thus, one needs to make sure of the food they are feeding their pet as it contains a complete and balanced diet including all required vitamins, carbs, fats, nutrients, minerals, etc. 

That is not always true, though, as the body of the dog does not naturally synthesis multivitamins. Supplements are necessary to alert dog owners when their fitness is under threat, but vitamins included in a balanced diet also increase a dog’s ability to fend off health issues.

Which Are Essential Vitamins & Nutrients For Dogs? 

However, one needs to make sure to never provide any vitamins or nutritional supplements intended for human use as for both, their nutritional requirement is different from that of others.

Here is the list of some required essential nutrients and their role in your pooch’s health

Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant that helps protect damaged cells and improves cognitive functions in older dogs.

Vitamin K: Ca2+ levels in the blood are controlled.

Calcium: It helps promote strong teeth and bones

Magnesium: It supports muscle and nerve function.

Iron: It helps blood to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Zinc: It helps in boosting the immune system. 

Taurine: It helps in supporting eye health and cardiovascular.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: It helps in supporting joint health and heart health. It also helps in boosting healthy skin and coat.

How To Choose The Best Dog Multivitamin?

Supplement requirements of dogs are different from that of humans. On the other hand, supplements are not medications. Thus, one needs to be very careful while purchasing any pet vitamins and supplements to maintain the health of the pet in check.

  • Search for brands that have designated clinical studies of their products.
  • Be very cautious of assertions that display too exemplary to be true. Vitamin supplements are not cures for all diseases or infections and are not even medications.
  • Make sure to not give human supplements to dogs because human supplements contain some ingredients that might prove harmful to the dog’s health.

Here is the list of some recommended best dog supplements and multivitamins that are great for the health of dogs.

Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Support

Worried about the itchiness in your dog’s skin and discomfort in pets due to seasonal allergies? Try Vet’s best seasonal allergy support supplement. It is a blend of natural quality ingredients that maintains normal histamine levels and skin health. This helps provide relief from all skin and seasonal allergies in dogs. 

Nutri-Vet Multi-Vit Vitamins and Minerals for Adult Dogs

It provides a wide spectrum of the best minerals and vitamins for dogs to complement dogs’ diets. It is a great source of Vitamin A for providing resistance to infections.

Nutri-Vet Digestive Supplement Fresh Pumpkin & Superblend

It includes dietary nutrients that help settle an upset stomach, such as ginger, pumpkin, and other supplements. It supports the healing digestive tract. It has vitamins and fibre to maintain the health of the digestive system. It is absolutely devoid of gluten.

Four Paws Healthy Promise Dog Multivitamins

These are the best dog multivitamins that are the greatest source of vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. It supports the overall health of dogs as it includes Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Iron. 

Now that you are aware of certain details of the best dog vitamins and supplements, you must be thinking about where to buy these to maintain your pooch’s health in check. Shop Kwik Pets as we always thrive to serve the best vitamins for dogs along with all the products one requires to keep their pet healthy, happy, and contented. 

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