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In the medical industry, Sammy EHR Software is rated as the best  

Sammy EHR Software lets you create patient charts and save information to a database. These data can be exported or imported into the chart and may include images. This allows you to review patient information and make changes to treatment plans if necessary. You can also make informed decisions about medication.

Low cost

Sammy EHR streamlines documentation by automating data entry. The tool can use to quickly repeat an existing note. It also has voice recognition that converts spoken comments into notes. The automated notes reduce errors and increase efficiency. It reduces claims that are denied due to incomplete or inaccurate information.

Sammy EHR has patient portals which make it easier for providers and patients to communicate with one another. Patients can view their medical history, make appointments, and get reports. The portal can be used to securely exchange messages with physicians. This facilitates patient engagement and reduces no-show rates. Cloud-based software means that it can be accessed from any location, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware.

Free eClaims

Sammy EHR, an electronic health record system, is free. It allows physicians to create patient profiles and store data in an easy-to-use format. It also offers free eClaims. It can be accessed via a web browser. This software allows physicians to quickly review patient data.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for physicians to enter data, view photos, and review past diagnoses. It also features an insurance eligibility checker, which alerts users if a payer denies a claim. Sammy EHR has a patient portal, which allows patients to communicate directly with their doctors.

There are several plans available for the software. Free plans include a limited number practice licenses. Paid plans offer unlimited licenses. Paid plans include billing profiles, patient portals, and E-prescriptions.

Patient portal

Sammy EHR patient portal makes it easy to update and access patient information anywhere. You can upload images and attach reports to this web-based platform, as well as track any changes in data. The platform also offers a client portal that allows clients to view lab results and their appointments. You can also reduce late arrivals and no-shows by using the patient portal.

Patient portals are a great way for increasing patient engagement. Your patients can fill out forms online and request appointments from their home. It allows you to schedule appointments ahead of time so your patients make the most out of their time.

Clinical documentation

Sammy EHR offers a user-friendly interface to clinical documentation. Its extensive features allow for both front-desk and back-office tasks to be automated. It includes features such as work-life balance, billing, and reporting generation. The patient portal allows patients to easily schedule appointments at their convenience.

Sammy EHR software, unlike traditional paper-based medical records is HIPAA compliant. Your patients’ privacy is protect and secured Sammy EHR software. It is possible to attach images or fax reports to your patient’s chart. Sammy EHR makes it easy to document the health history of your patients and give them the best possible care.

Sammy EHR has a secure messaging system that protects patient information. It features an automatic insurance eligibility check, as well as clinical decision support tools. These tools allow you to analyze patient data and make recommendations that are based on clinical standards. This makes your job much easier and saves you time.

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Compliance with HIPAA

Sammy EHR, a Cloud-based electronic medical record that’s HIPAA compliant, is design to streamline workflow for patients and doctors. It includes electronic prescribing and automatic payments posting. It integrates seamlessly with practice management software and is easy to use. The Sammy EHR allows medical professionals to focus on providing high-quality care to patients.

Sammy EHR conforms to HIPAA, which ensures the safety and security of patient data. The software allows patients to access their health information, such as their appointment history. This software can reduce no-shows, and increase patient engagement. Patients can also be faxed or attached to doctor reports. These features will allow doctors to improve their clinical practice and protect patient information.

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