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Doug wright Holland and Knight

How did two partners from an international law firm end up running an organic farm? The story of Doug wright holland and knight started when Doug Wright was admitted to the Holland & Knight law firm’s summer associate program in 2005. After graduating from the University of Florida School of Law and serving on the board of directors for two student organizations on campus.

Working at Holland & Knight served as the perfect stepping stone into Doug’s eventual career path; while he liked his work at the business. It did not satisfy his desire to spend his time doing something more significant.

About Doug Wright Holland

Known for working with high-profile clients on sensitive matters. Doug Wright Holland and Knight is one of the top attorneys in the Tampa Bay area. Doug Wright Tampa offers criminal defense, DUI/DWI representation, family law litigation, personal injury litigation, and estate planning. Ronald P.

Perhaps the most critical change has been in-laws themselves, with rapidly changing regulations governing who can buy or drink alcohol. Whether employees must receive overtime pay, safety equipment such as seat belts; laws concerning domestic violence or custody issues; laws prohibiting texting while driving.

About Knight Foundation

James L. Knight founded Knight Foundation in 1954. Knight was an entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio, who had built one of the nation’s first significant newspapers. The Miami Herald, into one of the nation’s most prosperous metropolitan newspapers. Today it is a diversified philanthropic organization with a national reach to advance journalism and support communities.

Knight invests in journalism because it plays a critical role in educating citizens, holding leaders accountable. Providing a voice for the voiceless, analyzing issues, creating solutions, stimulating dialogue and debate, influencing policies-makers at all levels of government, and driving constructive public discourse.

Collaborating with Doug Wright Holland

You’ll need to know about Doug Wright Holland. He is a well-known playwright, award-winning author, theatre director, film director, and educator. Wright grew up in Ohio, where he started acting in high school productions. After graduation, he studied theater at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music before moving to New York City.

In 1983 he co-founded an experimental theater company in Tampa Bay called Theater Outrageous! His work as a playwright includes The Boys Next Door, which was honored with an extraordinary citation from the American. Theatre Association’s John Gassner Award for Best Play on Broadway.

The Future Of Local Journalism

It has become increasingly challenging for local newspapers to sustain the reporting on the communities they were once known for. Douglas Wright Holland Knight wants to save the sector by bridging the funding gap through equity crowdfunding. They are seeking to raise $150,000 in investment capital. The hope is that with this funding, Doug can build a thriving model of journalism in America. Where subscribers, rather than advertisements, pay for news coverage.

How can you make a difference working with Doug and Knight?

Making a difference is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job at Doug wright holland knight. From successful closings to adding an extra finishing touch to an older client’s finances. There are so many different ways you can make a difference in your community. I’m proud to work with such dedicated professionals who work hard on the business aspect. Care about our clients by volunteering at the church or soup kitchen. Doug Wright Tampa embodies our core values – honest, trustworthy, loyal, reliable, and efficient!


Doug Wright Tampa is happy to have helped many entrepreneurs get started. In this challenging time for small business owners. He is looking forward to seeing what the future brings. Has in store.

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