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How to Prepare For The Network+ Certification Training

If you wish to work in IT infrastructure, such as troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks, Network+ Certification Training could be a good starting point. You might be an IT veteran working on the help desk or new to IT in general, but you’ll need to put in some effort to obtain your CompTIA Network+ certification. CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) is now available in a new version. Continue reading to uncover the best strategy for getting this upgraded certification.

Make a Strategy

Once you’ve decided to pursue Network+ Certification Training, you may feel compelled to dive headfirst. Take a step back and start by dipping your toes into this endeavor by asking yourself the following questions:

Do you meet the requirements? CompTIA Network+ recommends one to two years of IT experience, with 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience working in network support or network management roles.

Do you have a strategy? It pays to be organized and diligent from the start when it comes to passing certification exams. Download your personalized study plan.

How do you best learn? Consider whether you want to self-study or take a course from a certified training source. Examine all of your alternatives.

How will you put yourself to the test? Correctly use practice examinations to time yourself taking the exam and pinpoint areas of weakness for additional study. Examine CompTIA CertMaster Practice.

After you’ve answered these questions, you may start determining what you already know and where you need to focus your efforts during your studies. You can also begin by utilizing the training options that are appropriate for you. To determine what to study, first, obtain the exam objectives.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Objectives are available for download.

The exam objectives are the best place to prepare for a CompTIA exam! The CompTIA website allows visitors to instantly download the exam objectives for the next Network+ certification exam offered by CompTIA.

Begin by reviewing the exam objectives and noting what you are already familiar with and what is new to you. This may assist you in prioritizing learning topics so you can concentrate more on what you don’t know.

Regarding themes, keep in mind that the exam objectives are organized into domains. The domains are weighted, which aids in the organization of your exam preparation.

The new CompTIA Network+ domains and their corresponding weights are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Implementations of Networks
  • Network Administration
  • Network Safety
  • Troubleshooting a Network

When organizing the time you will spend studying, it is essential to keep the exam domain percentages in mind. Network security, for example, has been streamlined to focus on the essential features of hardening networks against malicious attacks and the secure execution of network deployments to prevent accidental data breaches. However, just because that topic has been simplified since the last version of CompTIA Network+ does not make it any less significant, as it accounts for 19% of the exam.

Study the Material

You’ve done the legwork to determine what you need to focus on on your path to CompTIA Network+ certification. Now it’s time to start learning! CompTIA CertMaster Learn is an all-encompassing eLearning solution based on CompTIA exam objectives. The interactive platform has videos, hundreds of practice questions, performance-based questions, and other features, all grouped into a tailored learning plan to help you manage your study time.

The Official CompTIA Network+ Study Guide, on the other hand, covers all of the exam objectives, so you know you’re focused on the appropriate topics.

Once you’ve learned all you need to know, you must apply what you’ve learned! The CompTIA Security+ Course is the only one that covers the specialized abilities required for network engineers, and the test contains performance-based questions that assess your ability to complete hands-on tasks linked to the exam objectives.

Work on gaining practical experience.

Getting hands-on experience when learning a new subject may appear challenging. Don’t underestimate the importance of the technical abilities you’ve gained and obtained in past job responsibilities while transitioning into a new IT vocation like computer networking. CompTIA features learning tools that allow you to practice real-life scenarios in a virtual setting.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs provides IT professionals with hands-on experience with real-world equipment and software, allowing them to put their knowledge into practice. This platform will enable you to apply your knowledge in real-world IT environments (using simply an internet browser), accomplish tasks, and immediately see the results of your efforts.

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