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Fundamental of AWS Associate SAA-C02 Exam  

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam validates a candidate’s technical proficiency in deploying and creating fault-tolerant, available, and scalable systems on the AWS platform. One of the most well-known cloud certification exams is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, which leads to better pay, faster promotions, and in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform for professionals.  

As the preferred organisation with a 31% market share in the cloud market, Amazon has created a huge need for AWS-certified personnel. Those with AWS Certifications possess the skills that are most in demand in the IT sector.

Find out why you should learn AWS. You will better comprehend the fundamentals of certification exam preparation with the aid of the AWS SAA C02 exam guide. Using the AWS SAA C02 study guide as a guide and you can prepare for the exam accordingly. 

Requirements For Taking the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exam 

To understand the degree of complexity of the certification exam, it is necessary to be fully aware of all the requirements for the AWS SAA exam. Deploying apps in the AWS cloud infrastructure is the most important activity for AWS Associate Architects among their many other roles and duties. 

The Solutions Architects are also in charge of developing cost-effective solutions that take essential factors like usability, scalability, reliability, and performance into account. In addition to his or her technical duties, the Solutions Architect concentrates on reducing risks like data breaches, math errors, and application downtime. 

You can carry out the following steps after passing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam:- 

  • To guarantee best practises are followed by customers and to suggest protocols for the implementation of cloud solutions, be the watchdog of the AWS-architected framework’s pillars. 
  • Assuring customer needs, scalability, and availability, develop cloud-native app architecture and provide the solutions created using the native services of the AWS platform. 
  • Design the architecture and operating environment for container-based microservices with availability, scalability, performance, and security requirements in mind. 
  • Utilize Continuous Deployment (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), and similar toolkits to build projects. 

 Therefore, in order to sit for the exam, you must meet the requirements given below: – 

  • One year of practical experience using AWS technology, including working with storage, networks, and the deployment of AWS management services. 
  • Experience managing, installing, and running AWS workloads 
  •  An understanding of how to carry out service controls and compliance standards. 
  • Using both the AWS Console and the AWS Command Line. 
  • Understanding of the carefully designed AWS framework 
  •  Being able to locate AWS services that meet a certain technical need. 

The Exam Pattern of AWS Solutions Architect Associate: 

The AWS Associate certification exam is designed to assess applicants who can successfully carry out the duties of a Solutions Architect and have more than a year of work experience.

The certification test requires the applicant to possess practical management experience of the organization’s cloud computing infrastructure as well as expertise in developing fault-tolerant and cost-effective solutions on the AWS platform.

There are 65 multiple-choice questions on the test, and you have 130 minutes to complete them. The AWS SAA test has a 72% pass rate. 


Now that you have understood everything about AWS Solutions Architect Association Exam, it is time to start preparing for it right away! This exam needs a good amount of preparation and necessary guidance from experienced professionals from a recognized organization like CloudThat.

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