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Get the Lowdown on Multicade Button Positions

If you’re trying to decide what position your Multicade buttons should be on your machine, there are quite a few things to consider before you get started. Your choice will likely depend on the type of buttons you want to use (if any), where on the machine you want the buttons to be, and how many players will be playing at once, among other considerations. Does the placement of the buttons on your Multicade machine make a difference? Well, it depends on how you want to use your machine. If you want to just get in there and play games and not really care too much about scores, then button placement really doesn’t matter. However, if you want to compete with other players in tournaments, rankings, and other fun events, the proper button positioning can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Are you wondering what the best button positions are on your Multicade? Do you want to make sure you’re using them properly? If you answered yes to either of these questions, keep reading for the lowdown on Multicade Button Positions and how to use them properly.

Place One Trigger Towards the Left

The first part of this blog post is going to help you out with button positions. And I’ll start with the left side. The left side is for your player one and player two buttons. You’ll want to place those towards the left side of your arcade cabinet so that they are within reach of a person who may be sitting down. This will also prevent people from bumping their arms against these buttons when reaching for other controls, like a trackball or joystick. The second part of this blog post is going to talk about button positions for players 3 and 4. You can position these buttons at any point across your arcade cabinet, as long as you place them both towards the same corner if there are four players playing together.

For example, say player one and player two are in left-handed corners while players three and four sit in right-handed corners. If you want to be consistent with your Multicade Button Positions, place all of those buttons in a consistent spot. This would mean that all buttons would be placed toward one side or another. If you wanted players 1 & 2 on the left side again like before but still wanted consistency between players 3 & 4; then make sure that they were placed in a similar corner but just not next to each other.

Place Two Triggers at Equal Distances from Each Other

When you place two triggers at equal distances from each other, it is important to make sure they are both facing in the same direction. For example, if you have your trigger set up so that it fires when you walk into a room, then you need to have a trigger set up just like it in the same room so that when you leave, it also fires. If one of your triggers is for firing when an object is picked up and the other is for firing when an object is dropped, then make sure that their positions are reversed.

For example, if your first trigger fires when an object is dropped from a height and your second trigger fires when an object is picked up from a height, then flip their positions. So what does all of that have to do with Multicade Button Positions? It’s because to ensure you can use your triggers properly, you will want to ensure that whatever situation you set up in relation to them both works out consistently.

Aim For Player Comfort When Placing Buttons

The main goal when placing buttons is to make sure your player is comfortable. Some people find it more comfortable to have their thumb stretch across the bottom of the screen, while other players prefer having their fingers in a more natural position. The best thing you can do is try out different placements until you find one that feels right to you. Remember not to place all your buttons too close together or too far apart as this could cause hand cramps for some players.

There are some rules for specific button placement as well: horizontal rows should be at least 3-4 inches apart and vertical columns should be at least 2-3 inches apart from each other. However, these are just general guidelines, and depending on how big or small you want the layout to be, the spacing might need to change slightly.

Consider How Big Is Big Enough?

Multicade Button Positions can play a big role in player engagement. Play longer and stay more engaged with your favorite games by placing the player’s controller in between both hands for optimal comfort. A quick way to make this adjustment is to remove the control panel that protects your fingers, which also allows you to change batteries or clean off debris that may have gotten inside.

The Controls should be positioned as follows:

-Left side of Control Panel: Left hand (R1)

-Right side of Control Panel: Right hand (L2)

-Bottom of Control Panel: Bottom hand (L3)

-Top of Control Panel: Top hand (R2) -Left Side of Unit: Left foot (X)

-Right Side of Unit: Right foot (O)

Use Color to Improve Readability

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be playing games for a long time. Whether you’re a new player or an expert, your fingers will need some time to adjust to these Multicade Button Positions. With that said, it might take some time to get used to them and find out which one is most comfortable. It really depends on your hand size and shape, so start with what feels best for you and then try something different if it doesn’t feel right. The buttons should be easy to push, but not too hard because this could lead to finger cramps and soreness. If the buttons are positioned too low, they may interfere with how you grip your controller when you play, leading to inaccuracy while shooting guns or aiming at targets. That can make all the difference between winning and losing!

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