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Google My Business Tutorial to Boost your Business

In this post, we are going to talk about something that you have already seen many times but that you may not have paid much attention to or you do not know how it works – Google My Business.

Have you ever found a map with different company listings when searching for something on Google?

Well, it is exactly that. We are going to see a step-by-step Google My Business tutorial along with the benefits that this Google tool can bring to our business.

Tutorial: How to create your listing on Google My Business step by step

Creating your local business listing on Google is very simple, and you can do it yourself, even if you don’t know digital marketing.

We are going to see it step by step so that you can start promoting your premises from today.

STEP 1: Open the account on the official website

You should first enter the platform’s official website, click on “ Manage Now,” and log in with a Gmail account, which will be used to manage your profile.

STEP 2: Register the business

To register a new business in the tool, at the bottom, we see the link that says: “add your company to Google” click there to start.

STEP 3: Fill in the data

Now we have to fill in the data of our company.

First, we put the name (in this case, we are going to invent the name to use it as an example) and press next.

Now it asks us if we have a physical address, such as a store or office where our clients can find us. We say “yes” and click on “Next.”

They will ask us for the address of our company. In this invented example, I’m going to put the one in my office.

Depending on the address and our name, Google can tell us that our company already has a file created and gives us several options.

In this case, as it is a new business and it has not been created (since I just made it up), I give “none of these options.”

If your business was on the list, you would just have to select it and go to Verify it.

STEP 4: Geolocate your business

Now that Google has our data, it asks us to geolocate the business on the map.

For that, you just have to play with the map and the zoom and put the indicator in the exact place where our company is located. Now click on “Next.”

STEP 5: Finish filling in the data

We continue to configure options. They ask us if we offer services outside our location, such as a business with a collection point in another location.

In our case, you have to come to buy the bread here, sorry, so “No.”

STEP 6: Choose the business category

We choose the category that best describes our company.

At this point, 95% of companies will have no problems. For example, if it is a restaurant, we will click on “restaurant.” If you are a dental clinic, we will choose “dental clinic,” easy, right?

By the way, here you can see more about how to do marketing for dental clinics.

If you are not clear starting to write, Google gives you different related options, as seen in the image below.

STEP 7: Add contact information

We fill in the Contact Information. At this point, we are asked for a telephone number and the URL of our website. If we have it, it is important to fill it out.

STEP 8: Request to send information

Google asks for your permission to send you information that may be useful to your business, such as updates, news, new tools, etc. It’s optional, but I usually recommend it.

STEP 9: Finalize your account

Almost, almost. You just have to click on “Finish,” and you will have already created your file in Google My Business. Congratulations!

Although you still have the last step to have it ready, we are going to verify it.

How to Verify Your Listing on Google My Business

In order to access all the features and manage our profile on Google 100%, we need to verify it, that is, confirm to Google that our company exists and is in the location that we have told it.

To do this, Google offers you several options, which will be available depending on your business.

Verify a record with a Call, SMS, or Email

For some business categories, Google gives you the option of verifying your profile through a call, an SMS, or an Email, in which they will send you the verification code that you have to enter in your profile.

Verify a listing instantly

This is rare and only available to a few companies, but it does exist, although I don’t think my example artisan bakery will give me this option.

If you’ve verified your business website in Google Search Console, some business categories can be verified instantly.

It is important to make sure that you register the listing with the same email that you used when verifying the website in Search Console for it to work.

Verify a listing by mail

It is the most common way to verify your listing, and it consists of Google sending a letter to your physical business with a verification code.

We simply have to make sure that our address is correct, put a name to address the letter to (contact person), and hit “Mail.”

11 Tips to get the most out of your Google My Business listing

We are going to see some tips to take into account to better take advantage of all the potential that this tool can offer you and that can help you position your website.

1. Create a Profile that invites your client to enter

Think about your target audience when filling out your profile. The title must be clear and descriptive and be accompanied by a good profile and cover photo.

2. Create a good Description for your company

In your profile, within the Information section, you can enter the description of your company.

Write it thinking about what your ideal client is looking for and entering the keywords for which you would like your company to appear in Google.

You have 750 characters to sell yourself. Take advantage of them.

3. Take care of the Reviews of your business

They are the main local positioning factor. The more 4 and 5-star reviews we have, the better positioned we will be in local searches.

4. Keep your information updated

Keep all your business information up to date. Services, address, hours, contact details, etc.

Our outdated profile will give a bad image of your business and lead you to lose customers.

5. Take care that your business hours are good

Have you ever searched the Internet to see if a store is open or what time it closes? Surely yes.

Well, your current and potential customers can do the same with you.

It is essential to show your business hours and, above all, to have them updated on holidays or when you have special hours.

6. Add images

Both potential customers who search for you, and Google, like images a lot. Fill your profile with photographs of your company, and do not forget to take great care of the quality of your images.

In your profile, you will have several different sections where you can enter your photos:

  • Photo of the interior of your business.
  • Photo of the exterior of your premises.
  • Photos of your products.
  • Team photo.

Other photos are also added to your profile, which your clients upload directly in their reviews.

7. Add your website

Our website should be the headquarters of our business. Add a link to your website in “information” so that your customers can enter if they are looking for more information about you or any of your services.

You can get a lot of organic traffic on your website thanks to this link, which can also boost the organic positioning of your website.

8. Boost your SEO with Tags

You can add up to 10 labels to your tab. Use them to add keywords about your products or services and thus boost your local SEO positioning.

9. Complete your profile 100%

It seems a bit obvious, but many companies do not take advantage of the full potential of a listing on Google.

You have many sections where you can give information to your clients, complete them all and offer them the complete information possible.

10. Download the Google My Business App for your Smartphone

A tip to always update your profile and respond to your customer’s reviews quickly and easily is to download the Google My Business mobile application.

It is an App available on Android and iOS, totally free and very easy to use, that will help you comfortably manage your profile.

11. Create posts for your business

You can create videos, images, or text in the posts for your audience. Videos are more engaging now. With this, you will be able to increase the engagement of your local business.

Will Google My Business give my business a competitive advantage?

Nowadays, being positioned in Google can be one of the best sources to get new clients, and during this article, we have seen how important it is to have our Google file open, verified, and well updated.

This tool can allow us to position ourselves ahead of other larger companies in local searches, apart from giving us a fantastic communication channel with our clients.

After reading this whole Google My Business tutorial, I imagine you will have it clear. Go to Google My Business, create your file and start enjoying all the advantages that this totally free business platform gives you.

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