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Grilling Burgers on a Charcoal Grill

You want to host a barbecue with burgers at a party or picnic in the park, but you’re unsure about using a charcoal grill there. Is using such public barbecues safe?

On a park barbecue, you can cook without any issues. Although you might be thinking, “YUCK, a disgusting park barbecue,” it isn’t truly that way. Consider this. These grills are constantly burning scorching fire! Any bacteria that may be on the grill will be killed by the fire and heat rising through the burger grill edinburgh.

This is the ideal occasion to come outside and do some cooking, even if you don’t have a grill of your own. Grilling on a park barbecue is very safe and enjoyable when done properly and while spending time with family and friends.

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Before You Leave: What to Bring

Remember that you won’t have the comfort of being able to dash inside the house to fetch whatever you might have forgotten before you even consider heading to the park. You should be prepared to grill hamburgers over charcoal in a park or wherever else you may go. So, initially, here is a list of things you should bring with you.

Be sure to bring charcoal with you! We may be being a little too apparent here, but You can put some into a paper bag if your neighbourhood supermarket doesn’t carry little bags. Take an extra bag so you can clean the grill before you start cooking.

We advise using a straightforward stick-style click lighter that you can get at the grocery store as a charcoal lighter. You don’t have to deal with utilising a chimney or lighter fluid because it is so simple to operate.

Grilling gloves are a great tool to have when working with a hot grill, especially if you’re not used to utilising that type of grill. Despite all grills being the same type, they all respond differently.

Tongs or a spatula for flipping those delicious burgers! Paper plates, cups, silverware, and napkins should all be brought. To create a cleaner dining space, it also helps to grab a paper tablecloth and cover the park table.

Water bottle squirt to check for any flare-ups. You like your hamburgers to have a char, but not to a crisp!

Before cooking, cover the grill grates with aluminium foil. You should also use it to package any leftovers.

Burgers! Make sure the 80/20 burgers you buy are of high quality and that the label clearly identifies the sort of meat.

You need fantastic sides that are quick and simple for your picnic. Any type of pasta salad is delicious and portable, as is the traditional potato salad.

Don’t forget to bring cheese, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The separately packaged American slices come in very helpful in this situation.

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