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10 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account (The Awesome Organic Way) 

Instagram has gained substantial traction in the past few months. Companies are all moving to Instagram, and the younger eye and ear are on the platform. Facebook? It’s not. It’s all Insta today.

I’ve used the last few months to research Instagram, learn about the local culture, and expand my reach.

After many years of testing, I’ve come up with my strategy for growth and am thrilled to share it with you! Ada strategi terbaik tentang cara meningkatkan Followers Instagram.

Below are ten ways to get the most out of your Instagram accounts.

#1 Tell Your Story in a Bio

The bio you write on is the initial page people visit to learn more about your characteristics. Be honest about what you do as well as what interests you and your interests, as well as dreams or projects. Include your complete identity (your actual name) and your website. Your quirky phrases and personal style are welcome!

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Here’s a sample of a well-written bio. It’s just descriptive enough and provides a glimpse into daily day-to-day life of Charlie.

#2 Have a Captivating Profile Pic

I’m here to say that the tiny photo of your profile is more important than you think after spending hours on Instagram each day. If your profile appears attractive with vibrant colors and makes me feel like you’re an awesome person, you’ll gain my following. If otherwise, I’ll barely think about it. This is how it is on Insta.

Instagram has a “take the bait or go home” mindset. The public won’t be interested when you do not “look nice” or are interesting. What’s the lesson of the story? Make a gorgeous profile photo that’s well illuminated and shows your personality.

#3 Test Your Photos

Each Instagram feed is distinctive and unique. There are a variety of photos that generally do well. Take some time exploring different styles of images and sharing them with followers to find out what works best and what does not. Every person’s experience differs. It’s worthwhile to explore the platform and try it out.

Are you interested in what photos have done well? Compare the number of likes and the quality of comments. The more people like the photo they have, the more viewers are impressed by the image. I’ll incorporate this feedback into my account and then make new photos with a similar style to the ones that received lots of likes.

Here are some ideas for photos you could incorporate into your feed. Be sure to be imaginative and expressive!

  • Top Down Food Shots, food styling, and food shots
  • Illustrations or artwork
  • Coffees, lattes, restaurant environments
  • Portraits
  • Selfies (not too many, but a few selfies)
  • Nature Exploring
  • Behind-the-scenes photos
  • Photos that entertain are uplifting, enthralling, and inspiring.

#4 Follow Back and Give First

If you want to increase your reach and build your brand, the following is a type of respect and mutual understanding. The most helpful resource is attention; when you pay attention and care, you will receive recognition and respect from your customers.

Give people a hug and acknowledgment of your appreciation.

When you find a photo or account you enjoy, give favorites and hearts without restriction. They’re compliments. When you come across a beautiful image, could you share it with your friends? You might be amazed at how much traffic you get to your account, making the first offer as comments and favorites.

#5 Use Traffic-ed Hashtags

If you’re not big, do not fret about creating your tags. (most people would like to “own” hashtags) but that’s not really what they’re meant for. The hashtag is used on Instagram to allow users to explore and find other accounts and photos with similar interests.

You can utilize popular hashtags to discover your images. If you don’t utilize hashtags, you’ll likely be found. Check out popular hashtags on Insta and then use relevant hashtags in your descriptions and comments.

Here are some fantastic tags that I’ve employed:

#instagood #igdaily #instatravel #instacoffee #instalove #instalike #nycprimeshot #postthepeople #vsco #vscocam #selfie #me

#6 Give Shout Outs and Re-grams

If you meet terrific people, add them to your Instagram. I love creating photos that are a part of my feed and include shout-outs to fellow Instagrammers. For example, I’ll choose an illustration created by a friend (@loveless_designs) and incorporate the image in a photo of a coffee shop, and then give her credit and props and include her name in the picture (showcased beneath).

If you’re looking for some great content to share, There are some fantastic images on Instagram that you can edit and reuse. Be sure to acknowledge them and mention the creator in the original post. This will boost your feed and get the attention of those who are “re-graming.”

#7 Make it Native

Instagram’s mission is to provide entertainment worth for its users. Create your feed to communicate with your audience. Users browse Instagram for the latest inspiration, food, and travel and get a glimpse of life. It is essential to ensure that your Instagram reflects your way of life and goes “behind the scenes” of your daily routine. It could mean leaving some business information from your pictures when you’re heavily into business.

#8 Be Active

Instagram is a social network. It is to say… be active! I promise that you’ll see results once you’re a member and engage with your followers and other users with the same interests. I regularly review the list and personally thank each follower I get on my account. In the end, a lot of them will return to my account to make a comment, like, or talk with me!

The simple act of engaging with my followers creates communities, which leads to more engagement and increases website traffic.

#9 Explore Insta and Comment

Browse other galleries and feeds, and leave comments on images. Provide compliments and value to accounts and people who are producing great content. The cycle of things is always cyclical.

Do you want to see more engagement and comments on your account? Give comments and engage with others. A bonus to consider is that when you leave a comment, you will be able to gain exposure by letting others be interested in the post. Some of them may want to look at your account.

#10 Strive for Excellence

Even if you have vast followers, an audience, or a stunning feed, you should ask yourself, “how do I improve?” or “how can I add greater value?” Creating stunning images and being more in touch with your viewers is always possible.

Spend time enhancing every photo, description, and post to make it more enjoyable. Connect more frequently, more profoundly, and with more depth. If you’re working to improve daily, you’ll impress and be more connected to more people.

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