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The inflammation of the face is called face rash. Irritation on the skin due to some allergens, weather extremes, some side effects of some medicine, bacterial or fungal infection, alcohol-based lotion, health conditions, etc could be the cause of face rash. Some face rash may disappear apparently but some may need remedy to fade away. One can better treat the face rash if the underlying reason is discover with the consultation of some expert. Accordingly one can use antibacterial or best antifungal rash cream or any other treatment prescribed by the specialist. Any rash on the face should be take into consideration and should be investigated and treat efficiently, if it persists Let us discuss some tips to treat face rashes efficiently.

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  1. On their own- Some skin rashes fade away on their own. So before thinking of treating a rash one can wait for a few days to lighten up or diminish it eventually. Depending upon the condition of the rash.
  2. Caution- If one’s face is prone to rash, one can become cautious while using moisturizer. Sunscreen bath soaps, or face wash on the face. One can avoid synthetic fabrics and use cotton fabrics. In case of face rash use of wet cloth or ice cubes could be complete in summers or excessive heat exposure.  Scratching should always be avoid.
  3. Medicated creams-  Some face rashes may need treatment by ointment or medicated creams or steroid creams, prescribed by the specialist.
  4. Avoid stress- Stress can exaggerate the face rash. So, one needs to keep away from stress.
  5. Avoid the sun – Some types of face rash could be cause due to exposure to sun rays.  The skin may develop sensitivity to sun rays and the face is the foremost to get affect and develop face rash.  In such a case one needs to avoid the sun and visit a specialist for guidance.
  6. Medical Procedure – Some severe types of face rash may need surgical treatment or Laser treatment
  7. Other home remedies-
  1. A paste of baking soda in water can neutralize the PH of the skin and treat a type of face
  2. 2Vaseline- Consistent use of this may improve the facial rash.
  3. A mix of honey with olive oil used as a paste on face rash. And later rinsed off can effectively treat the face rash.
  4. Cooled green tea applied on the face, can help soothe the face rash.
  5. Lemon juice can treat a certain type of skin rash when applied to the affected part.

Face rash can take some time to disappear but its appearance and persistence should be watch closely. If it is mild, some remedy could be tried if face rash is becoming stubborn on the face and one needs to consult the specialist to find the underlying cause like bacterial or fungal infection, sensitivity to the sun, or other medical conditions and accordingly treat it with antibacterial or anti fungal cream for face rash or use of other ointment or medical procedure. Ketoconazole is a commonplace antifungal cream that can deal with pores and skin in any condition. Antifungal cream can kill fungi and prevent them from spreading. These all creams and ointments are available at Safehealth247, the best online pharmacy at the moment.

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