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Op sightseeing areas in Charleston

Have you ever been to Charleston? If not, we are presenting an itinerary for you which will aid you in your trip. The city is known for its bright and colorful buildings. Visitors find that one of the best places in town to enjoy this quirkiness is Rainbow Row. The city is located on East Bay Street, Rainbow Row. With a collection of thirteen pastel-colored Georgian houses, the city dates back to 1740. Also, it was renovated later, and now has become my favorite town to travel to!

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Fort Sumter

If you love to know the past history of the city, then take a 30-minute ferry ride across Charleston Harbor to the small island that holds Fort Sumter. Have a boat ride itself which is a great way to see the city from the water and attractions like the USS Yorktown and the Ravenel Bridge. In addition, you might even spot dolphins. Adore the museum inside. Here, you can see a bunch of artifacts that tell the story of the Civil War in South Carolina. Don’t miss this place and explore plenty of National Park rangers to answer all of your questions as well.

Pineapple Fountain

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To find the essence of nature’s beauty, then head to the beautiful, eight-acre Waterfront Park. Here, one can find the famous Pineapple Fountain surrounded by pretty flowers. Learn here that this fountain has stood here since 1990. In addition, here Pineapples are a common sight throughout Charleston, that represents hospitality. Though it is hard to find a prettier and more classically Charleston scene than this fountain.

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Philadelphia Alley

Another best site to visit is Philadelphia Alley. This famous attraction runs between Queen and Cumberland Streets. Being a great place for photos or a stop on a ghost tour, this innocent-looking alley is worth watching. The alley is quite an interesting history dating back to the 1700s. In addition, this area was known as “Dueler’s Alley,” while the duels might be based more on legend than fact. There are interesting stories behind this. Whether the place is haunted or not, don’t miss this place, Philadelphia Alley.

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Shamrock Garden

If you love to stroll, then head to Shamrock Garden. The garden is a little, manicured garden surrounded by historic buildings. In addition, you can find this boxwood garden found on Legare Street, which is a hidden gem in Charleston. This garden has been one of the best secret tourist attractions. People visit Shamrock Garden as one of the best places to visit in Charleston.

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