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How to Determine If Your Lifestyle Is Healthy

How can you know if you’re living a healthy life? If your doctor tells you that you are, then it’s a pretty good bet. But what happens if you feel like your body is failing and in decline? You might have to rely on more subjective indicators. It might sound odd, but one way to tell is by looking at the car exhaust coming from the tailpipe of your vehicle.

If the exhaust coming from your car matches what’s coming out of an ordinary household stove, then chances are something isn’t right with your vehicle and it should be serviced immediately.

Remember that what is optimal for one individual may not be the most healthy or sustainable lifestyle for another. However, doctors advise watching out for these indicators that your lifestyle is healthy.

Your Energy Levels are Stable:

When you are healthy, you don’t get tired at the drop of a hat. You can do things on a whim without having to exercise or drag yourself around. Generally, a healthy person has good physical stamina and energy levels that he or she is capable of bouncing back from. One of the most advance way to take over you is digital health where you can learn more

One way to gauge whether your body is on the right track is by glancing inside your vehicle’s tailpipe and seeing what kind of exhaust it produces. If you can see a constant blue glow emanating from your car, then good!

You Handle Stress Well:

Overall, a healthy individual will handle stress in a balanced way and not spiral out of control. You’d be able to stay calm when confronted with tough situations and would have the intestinal fortitude to overcome obstacles.

Avoiding stress is not always the answer either because it’s part of life. But it is important that you don’t let outside circumstances edge their way into your psyche and generate negative emotions such as anger, worry, or anxiety.

Being resilient means that you can bounce back from adversity and not give up because things didn’t go your way.

You’ve Got Fresh Breath:

How often do you brush your teeth? If you don’t mind a few days of yellowing, then you’re in the majority.

When a healthy person brushes their teeth, they can spend less than a minute doing so because it’s really an automatic part of their morning routine. But if you need to spend at least five minutes scrubbing until your gums bleed, then it may be time to go to the dentist.

It is also important to have fresh breath because not only are good oral hygiene practices more natural, they are also much more conducive to having clean and healthy body parts in general.

You Check In With Your Doctor:

Your healthcare provider can help you figure out if your lifestyle is healthy, but what about the rest of us? Well, it’s a lot easier to determine if your lifestyle is healthy than you may think. One of the most advance way to take over you is digital health where you can learn more

Activity level. Are you getting regular exercise that keeps your heart rate up? Do you have a low-stress work environment and social interactions?

How to Know It’s Time for a Change:

If you are obese, inactive and have a poor diet, you will be extremely unhealthy. On the other hand, if you are lean and have a high-energy diet and moderate to low-stress lifestyle, then you have optimized your lifestyle for health.

You’re Always Sick:

If you are healthy and feel healthy on a regular basis, then that is enough for your doctor to know that you are at a good place.

The Same Results Every Day:

If you eat the same way every day and exercise the same way every day, then that is what we would consider an optimal lifestyle. But if you are always changing your diet and exercising in different ways, then again it may be time to make a change.

Your Stomach is constantly “Off”:

If you feel sick all the time, even if you have a great diet and exercise plan and you feel fit and healthy, it’s a sign that your lifestyle is not optimal.

Household Chores are exhausting:

Are you constantly busy but never feel like you’ve accomplished anything? Are you so exhausted after your kids go to bed that the thought of doing more household chores makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry? Chances are, if the answer is yes, then your lifestyle isn’t healthy. A healthy lifestyle includes enough downtime for yourself and family members. You should be able to take a break before hopping back into another task. A good rule of thumb is to add up how much time each week you spend on work, school, childcare, housework, and sleep

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