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How to draw a Halloween cat

How to draw a Halloween cat. Halloween truly is the most magical time of the year for people who love all things spooky and spooky! It is when it’s okay to put on spooky outfits and hang ghoulish decorations around your home and garden. Cats are a typical feature of Halloween ornaments due to their formal association with witches’ familiars. For people who love this spooky holiday, learning to draw a Halloween cat is a beautiful way to mark the spooky season!

This tutorial in front of you will show you how it can be done! We hope you want this fantastic, fun, and spooky step-by-step direction on drawing a Halloween cat in just 6 simple steps! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, fish drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Halloween cat

Step 1:

As we noted in the intro to this direction on drawing a Halloween cat, cats are traditionally considered the family choice of witches. For this reason, we will give this scary cat a cool witch hat. This hat is also what we will start with the guide’s first step.

First, draw a square shape for the belt buckle around it, then remove the belt straps. Then you can use curved lines with pointed ends for the hat’s brim and more curved and twisted lines for the sharp tip of the hat that curls up.

Step 2:

You have completed the witch hat for this Halloween cat drawing, and in this second step, we will draw the cat’s ears. You can use curved lines with pointed tips to add triangular ears to the hat. Next, draw a few more triangular shapes inside the outlines of the ears.

Next, use curved, sharp lines for the furry outline of the head, then draw large, expressive eyes. Finally, draw the little nose, then add some curved lines for the mouth below. You can finish this step by drawing mustaches sticking out; then, we can move on to the third step of the guide.

Step 3:

For this third step of our guide to drawing a Halloween cat, we will remove the front legs. First, draw long curvy lines starting from the base of the head. These will begin quite close together and then spread out a bit.

Use a few small rounded lines at the base of these legs for the toes, and finally, draw more inverted curved lines on the inside edges for the other sides of the legs. Once it looks like this in our reference image, we’re ready for step four!

Step 4:

You are now prepared to satisfy the final outlines of the body of your Halloween cat drawing before moving on to the final points and details in the following step of the guide. To do this, we will focus on drawing the cat’s hind legs that stick out to the sides.

Use curved lines going outward and inward, starting from the sides of the front legs you drew earlier. Once you’ve drawn those thighs, you can add a few more legs to the ends of those legs. Then you’ll be prepared for those last details in the following action!

Step 5:

How to draw a Halloween cat

You did a great job on this guide on how to draw a Halloween cat! This fifth step will add the final elements to prepare you for the last stage of the guide. You will also have the opportunity to add additional details and ideas! Before that, this Halloween cat needs a tail to finish him off.

To add this tail, we will add a curved and twisted shape on the left side. Once you draw it, you can add other details by yourself! These could include great background details like Halloween bats, pumpkins, or any other classic Halloween symbol you can think of! How are you going to kill that Halloween cat?

Step 6:

How to draw a Halloween cat

This last step of your Halloween cat drawing will involve finishing unique colors! When it comes to scaring cats, black cats are most often used as they are traditionally known to bring bad luck. It might be a bit of an undeserved reputation in real life, but we picked it for this Halloween cat’s color scheme! We used shades of black and dark gray for the cat’s fur. For a bit of contrast, we also used bright yellows for the eyes. Purple is a typical Halloween color, so we used it.

Creating your Halloween cat drawing is even more helpful.

Make that spooky Halloween sketch even better with the help of these fun and easy tips! This drawing of a Halloween cat is already wearing a witch hat to give it that Halloween vibe. You can add other elements to complete the witch theme and make it even better!

For example, add a broomstick, a cape, or a bubbling cauldron. These are just a few themed accessories you could add! What other witch accessories could you add?

Another fun way to make this Halloween cat drawing even better would be to add more cat characters to the scene. Each cat could also be dressed as a witch or have other themes!

The cats could dress up as zombies, ghosts, monsters, or whatever else you might expect to find creepy during the season. It is where you can get creative! What other costumes could you add to the other cats in the scene?

You can also add a human figure to the scene to show who is hanging out with the Halloween cat. The obvious choice would be to add a witch standing next to the cat. The witch could be drawn in a cartoon style similar to the cat, or she could be portrayed differently. 

A witch is only a suggestion; you can add any character you want. Who could hang out with this Halloween cat? Finally, adding a background would be a great way to finish the Halloween feel for this cat sketch. It would be an excellent opportunity to add any decorations you would like to see this time of year! These decorations can include cobwebs, spiders, bats, and tombstones, to name a few. If you enjoy going even distant, you can place it in a spooky place like a haunted house or a graveyard.

Your Halloween cat drawing is complete!

It was a fun and spooky picture to work on, but we hope none of the steps in this guide to drawing a Halloween cat scared or intimidated you! If you follow all the steps we have prepared, you’ll be drawing this amazing Halloween cat before you know it! 

Once you are done with the design, remember that you can also add your details and fun ideas. You can turn this design into your cool Halloween poster by adding a background, text, or other Halloween shapes and images.

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