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How to Pick up Your Amazon Package in Person

Maybe your area is plagued by porch pirates, or you’ve landed the latest toy of the season for your children and are looking to sneak in the boxes even if they’re not at home. You don’t want to manage your lease office when you’re away from home or worried about your package being left out in the rain. Whichever the case, the fact that Amazon is mostly an online retailer it’s easy to get Amazon parcels in person. This guide will help you find the most efficient Amazon pick-up point for you.

5 Ways to Pick up Your Amazon Package in Person

1. Take Advantage of a Convenient Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter work similarly to the Lockers but once your product is delivered and you receive an email with confirmation and you go to your preferred Hub Counter location and pick it up from an employee who scans the email in place of you entering your six-digit code into a locker that is self-service. You don’t need to show an ID at the time of picking up your item, so if prefer someone else to pick up your package from either Counter or Locker, so long as you send the email confirmation to them and they’ll be able to handle the process.

With a Counter pickup you’ll have seven calendar days to receive your parcel (versus Locker’s timeframe of three days) which gives ample time. If you do not take it in that timeframe, Amazon will automatically return your package , and you’ll get an exchange.

There’s no extra cost for using the Amazon Hub Locker or Counter. For Prime member you’ll get the same advantages of quick and free shipping. However, you don’t need being a prime Member to utilize Amazon Hub locations.

2. Pick up Your Package From an Amazon Hub Locker

If you purchase on Amazon and you do not want your package delivered to your office or home address, you can opt to get it delivered at one of more than the 900 Amazon Hub Locker locations in the U.S., which are situated at places like convenience stores, grocery stores and malls, apartment buildings as well as Whole Foods. These are self-service kiosks allow you to unlock your account using the help of a unique six-digit code Some Lockers located in locations that are open 24 hours a day so that you can access your schedule.

If you want to select the shipping option via an Amazon Locker You can search for and include an existing Amazon Locker address in your address book, and then choose it as your shipping address when you are checking out or select an Amazon Locker location when you the checkout, by searching for a brand new Amazon Pickup location then.

When your package is delivered to your Amazon Locker in good condition and waiting to be picked up, Amazon will email you an email with a unique code of six digits to open the kiosk for self-service. You will have three days to visit you Amazon Locker and retrieve your package. Are you unable to get it back on time? The package will be sent back to Amazon and you’re reimbursed the money you paid for it.

Many of the items you purchase from Amazon can be shipped via the Amazon Hub Locker There are certain dimensions and weight requirementssuch as the box must weigh under 10 pounds, and smaller that 16″ x 12″ x 14″ and the package shouldn’t include Subscribe and Save items.

4. Get Your Goods From an Amazon 4-Star Store

Another option for shopping for your package and offering a larger selection of products than the toys, books and tech gadgets in the Books store Visit an Amazon four-star store. They sell items across different categories like kitchen and home, gadgets such as toys and games books, and much more. All of the items are or above 4 stars from Amazon customers, are top sellers, or popular and new on Amazon.com. At present, there are 43 Amazon stores that have been rated 4 stars or scheduled for opening in the near future. Find the nearest one to where you are.

5. Pick up From Another Amazon Physical Store Location

The 4-Star and Books stores aren’t all the in-person Amazon stores that allow you to organize an Amazon pickup at the store. Amazon also offers Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pop Up and Amazon Go locations, all of which offers a range of products in addition to free Amazon packages pickup and returns that are free.

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