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Is it advisable to wear expensive diamond jewelry for a music concert?

Thinking of wearing that beautiful diamond set for a music concert? You might want to think again. Here’s why:

  • General vibe of a music concert

If you’ve never been to a music concert, or are recently planning to go to one, getting overwhelmed about the outfit is natural. However, generally a music concert is either in an open ground or a closed auditorium. Both the places are jam-packed with super-excited, shouting, singing, dancing, and pushing audience. The rush is mad, and you’ll be lucky to get in and get out without being pushed, shoved and teleported by the crowd from one place to another. Jokes apart, all concerts are extremely crowded. The vibe is loud, over-populated and most of the time, drunk. You’ll have to be prepared for that sort of atmosphere. If you are a claustrophobic, then music concerts are a bad idea for you anyway.

  • The right kind of dress code

The best thing to consider while deciding your dress for the concert is comfort. Assuming its going to be a good few hours in the crowd, drunk, sweating, yelling and running out of energy, you’d want to wear something loose, breezy and airy that doesn’t suffocate you. A simple jeans and t-shirt, or loose shirt, or a dress for girls is good. You might want to avoid wearing excessively skimpy or revealing clothes as it is nearly impossible to stop people from rubbing on you or touching you in the crowd.

  • Why wearing expensive jewelry is a bad idea?

Coming to the main question: is it advisable to wear expensive diamond jewelry for a music concert? Of course, it isn’t. Crowded music concerts are the easiest place someone can pickpocket you, steal your necklace, take things out of your bag, etc. Because, let’s face it, how would you even know who took it, and it would be useless trying to find the culprit. So, unless you’re okay with losing your expensive pieces of jewelry, we recommend you keep it at home. Some people might argue saying rings should be fine, you’d know if someone tried to take it off your finger. Well, yes, but let us keep aside the risk of theft alone. How about your precious trilogy engagement rings Hatton garden rubbing over people’s metal zips, bags, other hard surfaces. It could cause irreparable damage to the ring. So that’s best not worn too.

  • What can you wear instead?

So, what can you wear then, to the concert? Imitation or artificial jewelry is a good idea to wear. If you simply cannot avoid wearing some accessory, then let it at least be cheap and fake, instead of expensive diamond ones. This way, you’ll be at easy and not worried about theft, or damage of any kind to your jewelry item. You can also wear plastic or beaded jewelry, like the diamond tennis bracelet, but with brighter, colorful wooden beads. They go well with the vibe of music concerts and can match your dress beautifully too.

  • The point of the concert

Ultimately, it is important to remember that you are there to groove to the music, lose yourself and enjoy the live show of art. Why would you want to be worried about expensive diamond jewelry. In fact, wearing it might distract you from having fun to the fullest. The main point of being there is to enjoy yourself and the music, so best to not let anything come in the way of that, especially not your expensive diamond jewelry.
There is a place and occasion for every type of jewelry and a music concert isn’t the place for expensive diamond jewelry like sapphire engagement rings. So, keep it at home, stay safe and enjoy the rocking concert.

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