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Get Ready With Kaftans For Ramadan 2023

A whole month of celebration with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm, people celebrate it with a lot of joy. And while the festive month is going on, there is a craze for new outfits every day. To complete your look for next Ramadan all you need to glam up is a kaftan. Every year since the day they were invented there has been a rise in their designs. From traditional patterns to modish looks, also from basic colors to any color there has been a great change. And the biggest hand behind them is of designers, who have bought this change. 

During these festivals, kaftans are an essential part for many people, but it gets boring wearing them in the same pattern every time.      

Open Kaftan

Open kaftans give an elegant look, one benefit of it is that you can pair them with a pant or a skirt and look modern while being in your traditional attire. Mismatching can also be one of its options, like going for a subtle shade outfit and bright kaftan or vice versa. Or matching clothes and kaftan will give you a monochrome look that is always in the limelight.


Not everybody loves wearing loose clothes, so don’t worry, there is another option to make it body-fitting and look sassy. It doesn’t matter if your kaftan is open or closed belt will go with everything. Add on a belt with either of the same cloth or you can go for any stylish belt. That will give a bit of definition to the clothing.   

Create your statement look

A time was there when everyone was afraid of wearing bright colors, as many people were having color complexion. But slowly this myth is fading away as it is the confidence with which you carry your outfit looks bold. 

Don’t know how to style your bright-colored kaftans? 

Keep your outfit subtle, for instance, if you are wearing jeans, pants, or a skirt and top. And over that have a contrasting bright kaftan. Another option can be going for monochrome colors, for example, along with a kaftan matching your overall attire with it, which will give a bold look. Moreover, if your accessories are also matching, then no worries, everyone’s eyes will be on you. 

Luxurious look with Kaftans

Some fabrics give you a luxurious look, and satin is one of them. It has a glossy smooth appearance on the front and a matte finish on the other side. Recently this fabric has gained a lot of love from fashion influencers. It is a perfect choice for evenings and a chic look. And if you want firmness around your waist then it’s never too late to add a belt. Moreover, silk can also be a good option for a classy look and a perfect fit for winter.         

Traditional Kaftan

If you like being in your comfort zone and are scared to try something new, then go for closed kaftans. An effortless dress, with minimal layering while giving you traditional touch. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish while being traditional. Add some accessories to your attire to look stylish, for instance, a fashionable bag, watch, or even an embroidered hijab. It is not necessary to have everything of the same shade, contrasting colors will also be a good option. 

Although Ramadan is very far but still start keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and get your outfit ready in advance. As the moment time comes closer everyone gets busy and at the last moment, there is no other option except to go for cheap quality fabric. But if you don’t know where to have fabrics that will make you look elegant as well as chic. That’s alright, we have a place Fabriclore where you can explore more than thousands of fabrics with various patterns and diverse colors. Being one of India’s largest fabric stores, we provide high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Along with India, our services are also in the USA, UK, Middle East, and Canada. 

If you are a designer or a normal person with vague ideas for an outfit, doesn’t matter, our in-house designers will assist you in completing your project, Moreover, in a world where everyone is going for customized belongings, you too can get your outfits customized with us.

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