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Kodachadri Trek – A Trek where Beauty and History blends together


Kodachadri is situated in Shimoga locale and one of the most spoken-about journeying trails in Karnataka. Arranged in the core of the Mookambika Untamed life Safe-haven, the Kodachadri journey offers travelers an undertaking, an appeal, and an encounter that will stay all through your lifetime.

You don’t get journey that are loaded up with numerous accounts and history on the western ghats trip of Karnataka.

With various ways to deal with the journey, anyone can proceed to do this trip all alone. It is a heaven for novices, halfway and experienced journeying lovers.

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About the Trek:

Kodachadri Journey takes you through an interesting town setting with paddy fields, thick timberlands, brilliant prairies, and a cascade that will make you go frail kneeling down.

The moving lavish meadows and slopes encompassing the pinnacle is something truly amazing.

Kodachadri Trip can be gotten to from three base towns. The trip should be possible either from Nittur or Kattinahole or even from the Vallur side.

Traveling from the Vallur side is similarly simple through the woodland segment. However, a significant feature of the Hidlumane Falls is something you would pass up in the event that you journey on this trail alone.

Places must be Visited:

View of Rolling Green Hills – 

Kodachadri Journey is known for the scope of wonderful lavish green moving slopes. The slopes are shrouded in lavish vegetation and spread as may be obvious. Arranged at a level of 5,735 feet, the meadows with the Shola woods arising are something you go on the journey of Kodachadri.

The various conceals of green shift from Parakeet green, Pine green, and Emerald green. Adding to the vegetation, the show and theater of a blend of cloud and fog is an outright exhilarating encounter.

Waterfalls of Hidlumane – 

An outpouring or a progression of seven waterfalls makes up the Hidlumane waterfalls. The spouting falls that you see right over your head, is a sight to ponder and something you don’t get to encounter on different trips.

The chilled water rambling down is something you should take a dunk in or if nothing else have your feet inside these waters.

Mythology, Legends and the Temple of Mookambika – 

Aside from adventurers, you see different vacationers and pioneers coming to the pinnacle of Kodachadri. Worked out of stones, it is said that the Goddess Mookambika battled and killed the evil spirit Mookasura.

Arranged at the pinnacle, the sanctuary is frequently covered with fog and haze during the morning and nights.

The sanctuary is likewise committed to Adi Shankara who visited the pinnacle, thought here at the highest point of Kodachadri during the seventh Promotion.

Dense Shola forests of Western Ghats – 

The Kodachadri journey takes you through a portion of the thick Shola backwoods of the Western Ghats. A thrilling encounter for any traveler who preferences journeying across the thick overhang and the right openness of traveling in a woodland.

The Mookambika Untamed life Safe-haven offers a wide assortment of verdure to investigate.

Mookambika Temple, Kollur – 

A well known journey place considered sacrosanct and arranged in the lower regions of Kodachadri slopes, on the southern bank of Souparnika Stream. It is accepted that Adi Shankaracharya had a dream of Sri Mookambika Devi and introduced the god here.

Kollur is around 20 km from Vallur. In the wake of finishing your trip, this would be the nearest town from where you can board your return transport to Bangalore also.

Nagara Fort – 

A notable stronghold which lies in the Shimoga locale. This spot merits a visit in the event that you are going in your own vehicle. On the slope, inside the post, there stays a castle and two tanks and a gun. Nagara Post is around 30 km from Nittur and towards Shimoga.

Best Time for Visit:

The Kodachadri venture takes you through a part of the thick Shola boondocks of the Western Ghats. An exhilarating experience for any explorer who inclinations venturing across the thick shade and the right transparency of going in a forest.

The Mookambika Untamed life Place of refuge offers a wide grouping of verdure to examine.

The trip should be possible throughout the late spring season. The varieties will be a lot browner in the shade once you move from the woods segment towards the fields.

The district gets weighty precipitation during the storm season. If you have any desire to take this choice, be ready for the test of traveling during the rainstorm. Have the right pinion wheels and go with someone who has the experience of traveling, exploring. The trouble of the journey increments when you journey during the pinnacle of rainstorm.

Important things to carry:

  • Fundamental Medical aid unit
  • Character Card
  • Cap/Scarf/Handkerchief and Shades
  • Water (atleast two liters)
  • Lemon and salt OR Electrolyte Powder/Drink (Electral/Gatorade/Glucon D, and so forth.)
  • Fatty bites (Nuts and dry natural products, home-heated cake, and so on.)
  • Self locking Pins, Elastic groups and Whistle (Helpful in crises.)
  • Fast Dry Shirts are ideal over cotton tees.
  • Rain coat, just during storms
  • Plastic sheet to wrap electronic gadgets, just during rainstorm
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)


Karnataka is home to probably the most lovely vacation spots around, particularly when it comes around to the traveling locations. On the off chance that you are not in that frame of mind of visiting the traveler penetrated spots, there are a few unlikely treasures that you can visit and enjoy energizing exercises. One such movement is Kodachadri journey that you can select to earn a mind-blowing experience.

For the people who don’t know about this journeying spot by and large, Kodachadri is a famous pinnacle present in Shimoga region in Karnataka. It is additionally the tenth most elevated top in Karnataka, so you realize that the degree of trouble isn’t the simplest. We should dig profound to find out about this journey and how you can decidedly finish it.

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