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Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Package: Cost & itinerary


One of the longest and most challenging bike excursions one may take in their life is from Delhi to Leh Ladakh. Every rider wishes they could ride from Delhi to Leh Ladakh at least once in their lives, and the reason is obvious: it’s just breathtaking.

Imagine yourself riding over 15-foot-high snow barriers when India as a whole is experiencing hot temperatures. The presence of the highest motorable passes on the route to Leh is another factor contributing to the perception that a Leh Ladakh bike tour is a rider’s paradise. Imagine traveling over six of the world’s highest mountain passes in just ten or eleven days.

The famed Atal Tunnel, Jispa 3200m (10500ft), Tanglang-la 5328m (17480ft), Baralacha-la 4890m (16040), Chang-la 5360m (17590ft), Pangong So 4350m (14270ft), Tsomoriri 4522m (14836ft), and Leh 3500m are all visited on this thrilling once-in-a-lifetime Leh Ladakh bike journey (11562ft).

So, are you excited and interested to join us on our voyage across the most treacherous terrain on earth under the direction of Native riders who have been riding in the mountains for a long time? And in such a case, you are unquestionably at the proper spot.

Dangerous Road

Manali to Leh Ladakh route is known as one of the most perilous and adventurous roads not just in India but across the entire globe. This dangerous route is bordered on all sides by stunning natural scenery, which will cause your heart to race.

Your excitement will undoubtedly be raised by the bike ride across the highest passes, which have cliffs on one side and flowing rivers on the other.

Greatest scores

This is what distinguishes a bike ride to Leh Ladakh as being among the world’s most daring. The Rohtang pass, one of India’s most feared and stunning crossings, is the first pass you’ll cross once you pass through Manali.

In Himachal Pradesh, this pass links the Kullu and Lahaul Spiti districts. Additionally, you will eventually cross some of the world’s most treacherous passes, including Baralacha-la, Tanglang-la, and many others;-).


The most stunning lakes may be found in Leh Ladakh, whether it’s the well-known “3 Idiots Lake” or the considerably more upscale Tsomoriri. For our riders in recent years, these lakes have consistently been the main draw. More tranquility than a person may ever experience in a lifetime can be found in these areas.

Motorbike Expeditions has always prioritized seeing the locations that the majority of tour agencies omit while planning trips to Leh Ladakh.

Indus Valley

Could you see camels roaming Ladakh? You must think this is absurd, but guys, it’s true. You will witness the renowned Nubra Valley double-hump camels on your journey to Ladakh.

These camels have a lengthy history dating back to before independence; it is said that Afghans transported them to the Nubra Valley after independence, and they have since become an inseparable part of Nubra culture (8-).

Popular Monasteries

Leh and the surrounding area are renowned for their magnificent Ladakhi architecture and top-notch monasteries. Your heart will undoubtedly skip a beat at the exquisite architecture and seamless blending of Tibetan-style temples. Some of the must-see locations on your bike journey include the renowned Shey, Thikshey, and Leh Palace.

Route for a bike journey to Leh, Ladakh

According to the interests of our fellow travelers, our firm strives to focus on all three of the three popular routes that are generally used to enjoy Ladakh’s grandeur. We help our customers organize the journey and let them pick the destination.

Route from Srinagar to Leh, Ladakh

Due to the existence of social media in recent years, this path has attracted a lot of attention and intrigue. The 434 km road from Srinagar to Leh Ladakh passes through Sonmarg, Zozi La, Kargil, Saspol, and Leh.

Our MotorbikeExpeditions tour departs from Srinagar and travels through each of the significant destinations mentioned above before arriving in Leh Ladakh. On the way to Leh Ladakh from Srinagar. 

Route from Manali to Leh, Ladakh

One of the most well-known and stunning roads to Leh Ladakh is this one. It is well-known for its stunning splendor, views of snow-capped mountains, and some of the world’s most treacherous routes. This route is regarded as a cyclist’s paradise.

Every year, a large flood of bikers travels to the well-known Leh town of Ladakh as soon as BRO proclaims the route from Manali to Leh Ladakh available for tourists.

The 472 km road from Manali to Leh Ladakh passes through well-known Lahaul and Jammu villages including Khoksar, Tandi, Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu, and others. The amount of days our other travelers are willing to spend in the area throughout the bike tour determines how long we stay there.

Standard lodging for Motorbike Expeditions on the Manali to Leh route is provided in well-maintained lodging. Our business prioritizes sanitary restrooms, bonfire preparations, female safety, and top-notch photography. Therefore, if you are considering a bike journey to Leh Ladakh but are unsure of which route to take, the Manali-Leh route is without a doubt what we recommend.

Road from Leh to Manali

Leh Ladakh to Manali is the third route you can use for your bike tour. On this itinerary, you must fly to Leh, where you must adjust to the altitude for one or two days before continuing to the well-known town of Manali. The only difference between this route and the one previously stated is the direction of travel.

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