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Morning Desert Safari |Tour of Dubai desert in the morning

Dubai is on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. People often take luxury vacations in this modern city. Surprisingly, it also meets the needs of people who want a lively holiday. Morning Desert safari is a common thing for tourists to do when they visit the city.

A morning desert safari in Dubai is one of the best ways to see the wild beauty of the desert. Learn more about the Middle East’s unspoiled beauty while having an authentic Arabian experience. You can choose a safari that fits your needs, whether traveling alone or with a big group.

Morning desert safaris from Dubai offer many different kinds of adventures. The sand dunes in the countryside of the United Arab Emirates are close to the country’s busy capital city. When in Dubai, it’s a no-brainer to plan a safari.

With each tour option, you can easily get to and from Dubai. You have to choose your favorite sweets from the menu. This list has a lot of things to do, like comet trekking and hot air balloon rides. There’s a lot of action in many of them, but you can also choose less exciting ones.  A desert safari with sandboarding is the best trip for an active tourist. Take a 4×4 Land Cruiser into the Red Dune Desert for a 30-45 minute drive.

Start your trip by driving over sand dunes. Your local guide will take you and your party on an exciting ride up and down the dunes. When it comes to desert sports, this is one of the most exciting things you can do. The safari lasts three hours, which gives you plenty of time to get back to Dubai and see the sights.

You can ride camels and sandboard on a desert safari in the morning.

A real desert adventure is a safari through the desert that includes sandboarding and camel rides. Sandboarding will increase your heart rate, dune bashing will show you the beauty of the desert, and a camel ride will take you on a relaxing tour.

In addition to a hearty breakfast, guests will have Arabian coffee, pastries, dried fruits, and a tour of a traditional desert camp.  How about a safari in the morning and then a safari that lasts all night? We have dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad riding, to name a few.

After dark, there is a BBQ dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Then, take a break and enjoy traditional Arab entertainment, such as henna art, belly dancing, or smoking shisha. You can spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent and sleep on a Nawar Bed. After a hearty Arabian breakfast, go back to the city. This trip to Dubai has everything you could want.

Hot-air ballooning and Dune Buggy Adventure

Plan a desert safari in a hot air balloon for the early morning to have the best time. See the beautiful desert from a different point of view. The 4:30 a.m. hotel pick-up will give you plenty of time to get in the air before the sun. Watch out for animals in the desert as you enjoy the view of the Hajar Mountains. Also, falconry will be shown, but this time from the air. You’ll get to a private reserve in time for a delicious brunch. Lastly, go on an adventure in a classic Land Rover through the desert.

A dune buggy safari through the desert is an exciting and fun way to spend the day. Get in a double buggy with a knowledgeable guide and go on an adventure. You can drive across the beautiful sand dunes and valleys of the desert to see them. For your safety, these buggies have full-roll cages and harnesses. You can leave in the morning three times: 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00.

Have an exciting adventure on your quad bike through the dry land. You should follow your guide up and down the dunes. On your trip, you’ll have lots of chances to take pictures. Some drinks are nice and cool.


The morning Desert Safari camel ride and Jet Ski ride

This desert safari and Jet Ski trip are great for people who want to try something new. A 40-minute dune-bashing adventure is a fun way to start your day. Cross the dunes by standing on the sand and riding like a wave. Take the next step in your trip by riding a camel slowly through the desert and taking beautiful pictures of the area. The trip will end with a Jet Ski ride along the coast of Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood. The five hours will go by quickly as you explore the desert and its many things to do.

Desert safari in the morning, with falconry and wildlife

People who like animals in the desert will enjoy this trip, which includes a falconry demonstration. Go to a desert hideaway in the morning to learn how the ancient Bedouin used to train falcons. The next step is renting a classic Land Rover and exploring the Dubai Desert Conservation Area. If you go through the area, you might see the Arabian oryx, gazelle, and other animals that are in danger of going extinct.

Book Safari: https://www.dubaidesertsafarigroup.com/

Sunrise desert safari,

This desert tour at dawn might be suitable for people who like to get up early or only have a short vacation time. At 3:30 in the morning, you will be picked up and taken on a guided 4WD dune bash. Dawn is just starting to reach the bottom of the desert, so you should hurry and cross the dunes before the light goes out. Before returning to your hotel, enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the countryside.

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