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Reasons Custom Window Boxes Are the Perfect Display for Products

Custom boxes are always an excellent way to distinguish your products from competitors most attractively. Professional brands get well-oriented packaging boxes that provide a perfect display for their products because they know the quality of the packaging is the priority of buyers. Well-designed and durable packaging can grab buyers’ attention. Companies utilize different techniques to give people a positive feeling about their products. There is a technique called window cutting to ensure the visibility of products outside the walls of the packaging boxes. Custom window packaging aims to give people a glimpse of the products inside and makes their buying decision more convenient.

These boxes are for the valuable and delicate products which need protection from customer’s touch such as bakery and food products. One can also get window packaging boxes if they don’t want to keep their adorable products hidden. Indeed, window cuts are a perfect display for your products due to many reasons:

Supreme Product Exhibition for Every Industry

Many companies get luxury packaging boxes to present their products. Window Boxes are perfect for every industry i.e. Food, apparel, cosmetics, gifts, and toy industry. In the toy industry, owners lure their cute little buyers by giving them a look at their adorable dolls, mini cars, teddies, or other toys. The purpose of window packaging is the same in other industries too. But, their buyers are not kids so they need packaging relating to people’s needs. The visual explanation is given to the buyers through window cuts. Hence, we can say that it is a communicative way to directly present your products without giving a detailed explanation to customers. Some examples of window packaging boxes are:

  • Bakery boxes with window cut
  • Window hanger boxes
  • Food packaging with window
  • Corrugate two-piece window box
  • Gable window packaging
  • Cardboard window box and many more.
Window Boxes

 Make Customers Buying Decisions Easy

The main purpose of packaging boxes is to pack products, but they can level up your sales when these boxes are printed with quality techniques and modified in unique shapes. Customers can directly see your products through the transparent window and make a buying decision on the spot even if they are unaware of the colors and designs of the packaging. Moreover, you can earn the loyalty of customers by portraying your original products. Window boxes increase customers’ desire to buy your product even without speaking to a salesperson. Therefore, many companies are now upgrading their packaging styles by adding window cuts on product boxes.

Promote Brand Image

Make your products direct contact with purchasers and increase sales with window packaging.  Add alluring visual aesthetics to the packaging to make it more appealing. It is a marketing strategy to pick packaging boxes that are more attractive than competitors’ packaging. Window packaging boxes have the power to stand out your products among others. Additionally, print your brand name, logo, contact, and address details on the Window boxes to do an effective promotion on social media sites or in retail stores.

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In addition to brand info, also mention some unique features of your product such as ingredients in the case of food or cosmetic products and precautions in the case of electronics, devices, or toys. These merchandising details will improve your brand image by getting recognition among a larger audience. 

Offer Personalization Opportunities

The most noteworthy perk of custom window packaging boxes is that one can personalize them per their choice. Professional brands put their time and effort into designing packaging boxes and then select a reliable packaging company to get their dream packaging boxes. Packaging companies offer many customization facilities. Some are:

PVC sheet

Cover the window cutouts with a transparent PVC sheet to prevent the entry of factors causing contaminations such as dirt, bacteria, allergens, air, humidity, and direct harsh sunlight. One can customize PVC in a color that matches their business theme.

Window Boxes

Inserts and handles

Inserts and handles are customized on the packaging to prevent products from falling and breaking. One can be creative and design inserts of unique shapes, sizes, and styles. But, it is necessary to make precise measurements of products. The products will fall out if insert sizes do not match the size of the products. On the other hand, handles also provide security but the only difference is that handles are on the top of Window boxes and inserts are on the inside of packaging.

Die cutting

You are not limited to square or rectangular window cuts. Die-cutting can cut out windows in any shape such as circular, hexagonal, floral, or some other patterns per requirements. This will make the overall appearance of products more appealing.


Print vibrant colors deeply on the custom-printed window packaging boxes using high-end coloring techniques such as CMYK and PMS to get even color prints. Moreover, add visual graphics, images, fonts, typography, and patterns to get a professional packaging experience for buyers.


Coatings options are available that not only add brightness to printed color but also protect Custom Packaging Boxes against many harmful variables. There are three coating options which are matte, glossy, and UV spot. The matte and glossy coating gives a satin or shiny finish to the packaging. UV coating is applied to specific areas of packaging boxes. Furthermore, UV coating prevents smudging and marking.

Some other customization options include scoring, perforation, gluing, embossing, and gold/silver foiling to further embellish the packaging boxes.

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