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Why You Should Repaint Commercial Buildings Every 3–5 Years

A fresh coat of paint keeps commercial buildings looking great. Exterior painting also helps protect your facility from weather damage and insects, while interior painting creates a welcoming atmosphere for tenants, employees, and visitors.

Deciding how often to schedule commercial repainting means weighing the benefits of painting versus the cost. So, how often should you repaint? Generally, you should repaint commercial building exteriors every three to five years. Interiors may require more frequent painting depending on how the building is used.

Why Commercial Repainting Is So Important

Commercial painting is about much more than making your facility look beautiful. While cosmetic appearance plays a significant role in attracting tenants and customers and providing a pleasant environment for employees, commercial repainting is also about protecting your investment.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Your commercial facilities represent a significant investment, and you need to preserve and protect their value. If your building looks run down, has chipped, peeling, or fading paint, or interior walls are dirty, it would be difficult to get top dollar from tenants or get customers to visit. Simply put, a poor appearance can hurt your bottom line.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Even minor blemishes to your building can become expensive repairs if they are not addressed immediately. For example, chips or peeling paint can let moisture into your walls. With wood, it can lead to rot or mold or allow insect infestations. In severe cases, it can lead to structural problems that require costly remediation. Water can also penetrate masonry, which can cause significant problems. Once your exterior paint has been damaged, it will no longer offer protection against environmental factors.

Uncovering Hidden Problems

You may not uncover these problems until you decide to have your building repainted. While completing prep work, painting crews wash and clean surfaces, remove chips or paint peels, and patch walls. The sooner you find problems, the less costly they will be to fix. Experienced painters know what to look for and can advise you on how to correct any problems they uncover.

Even the Best Paints Will Degrade

Over time, even the highest-quality paints can degrade under the intense Arizona sun. Thunderstorms and dust storms can also wear down surfaces and necessitate repainting commercial facilities. While you may not notice the fading, buildings begin to look worn and rundown over time.

Keep Your Tenants, Employees, and Customers Happy (and Healthy)

Styles, colors, and designs go in and out of style. If your commercial buildings look dated, they can make a poor impression. When your buildings look beautiful inside and out, your tenants, employees, and customers are happier.

Dirty walls, faded paint, stains, and outdated paint schemes can impact employee morale. Studies show that a clean and professional workplace leads to greater productivity and employee satisfaction. Repainting commercial buildings can also help improve indoor air quality.

A fresh coat of paint can revitalize a commercial business. Customers are less likely to visit a retail store if the building looks rundown on the outside or inside, and tenants are less likely to renew leases if the building is rundown and poorly maintained.

Commercial Repainting Contractors Near Me

Commercial repainting can be disruptive, and it is a big investment. So, building owners often put it off, only to find that the underlying damage is extensive. By repainting your buildings every three to five years, you can catch problems early, before they escalate. At the same time, you can keep your buildings looking beautiful to attract and retain tenants, customers, and employees.

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