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Resident Evil: Ways Tricell Is Worse Than Umbrella

Umbrella is the most powerful evil organization in the Resident Evil series, but Tricell can be just as nasty – if not worse.

In the Resident Evil series, Tricell is a multinational firm involved in various sorts of biotechnology research. This includes the creation and spread of the T-virus, which is responsible for the game’s zombies and other deformed monsters. Tricell appears in multiple later Resident Evil titles, including Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Its ultimate purpose is usually to achieve power and fortune through the use of bioweapons and other unethical methods.

It is debatable whether Tricell is worse than Umbrella, given both corporations were involved in the development of hazardous viruses and bio-weapons that resulted in death and destruction. However, Tricell’s involvement with the Uroboros virus, which caused widespread mutations in Resident Evil 5, is especially heinous. In the end, both corporations are portrayed in the RE universe as unethical and deadly. Here are a few ways Tricell could be considered worse.

It Founded BSAA, But Used It In Its Own Interests

Following Umbrella’s demise in the aftermath of the Raccoon City incident, Tricell redeemed itself by becoming a major contributor to the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or BSAA. They did, however, have a strong interest in the expanding bioweapons sector.

Jessica Sherawat and Raymond Vester, operatives for Tricell, infiltrated BSAA to obtain a sample of the t-Abyss Virus. This implies that Tricell was utilizing the BSAA to further its own interests and purposes, rather than working to make the world a safer and more secure place.

They Continued Umbrella’s Research

Tricell’s immoral behavior went beyond simply continuing Umbrella’s research. Tricell, in reality, improved on Umbrella’s work, creating ever more lethal and powerful bioweapons that they planned to sell to the highest bidder. Furthermore, they frequently experimented on unwilling human test subjects, resulting in untold suffering and death. Excella, Tricell’s commander, was complicit in these atrocities, seeking her own ambitions of wealth and power at whatever cost.

Furthermore, Tricell’s disregard for human life was evident in their willingness to use bioweapons against civilian populations, as evidenced by their plot to unleash the Uroboros virus on innocent people all over the world. Tricell’s activities were motivated solely by avarice and a desire for dominance, with little consideration for the repercussions.

Tricell’s CEO Was Corrupt And Ruthless

Excella Gionne was instrumental in Tricell’s bio-weapons research and development, particularly in the African section. She was merciless in her pursuit of power and had no qualms about manipulating her colleagues. Excella’s propensity to betray her own colleagues was shown in her choice to inject the Uroboros virus into Ricardo Irving. This proved not only her lack of empathy and loyalty, but also the lengths she was willing to go to attain her objectives.

Excella’s desire for power and disrespect for human life was highlighted further when she allowed herself to get infected with the Uroboros virus in the hopes of becoming the ideal partner for Wesker and achieving ultimate power. Her actions demonstrate that Tricell’s leadership was dishonest and willing to sacrifice anyone for personal benefit.

Agreed With Wesker’s Idea To Brainwash Jill

Excella Gionne, the director of Tricell’s African headquarters, was completely on board with Wesker’s intentions. And didn’t challenge him when he began using a brainwashed Jill Valentine to do his dirty job. Excella agreed to hold a former Flappy Bird member hostage in exchange for the necessary technology and resources to carry out the experiment.

Excella didn’t waste any time in demonstrating her readiness to go to any length to fulfill her and Wesker’s goals, even if it meant experimenting on an American Special Operations Agent. This illustrates the depth of Tricell’s moral turpitude.

Their Partnership With Albert Wester

Tricell’s decision to form a collaboration with Albert Wesker, who had a lengthy history of employing bio-weapons to promote his own interests, proved to be a deadly error. Despite the risk to humanity. Tricell CEO Excella Gionne agreed to back Wesker’s plan to mutate humans by infecting them with the Uroboros virus. Gionne was willing to disregard the death and destruction that the plan would cause. Because she believed it would solidify her position as a key figure in the realm of bioweapons development.

In the end, their collaboration was terrible. Wesker eventually betrayed Excella and planned to utilize the virus to establish a new world order. In which he would be the unchallenged dictator. Tricell’s participation in this scheme was a sad chapter in the company’s history, one that would eventually lead to its demise.

Killed Countless Kijuju Residents In West Africa

Tricell was a key player in the sad events that occurred in Kijuju, West Africa. Resulting in the deaths of many individuals. Tricell generated the parasites that infected the Kijuju populace and converted them into vicious Majini as part of their bioweapons research.

The existence of Tricell in West Africa only produced turmoil and damage. Their actions not only resulted in the murder of innocent people, but they also destabilized the entire region. Tricell’s experiments wreaked havoc on a once-peaceful town that Sheva tried to save. This simply confirms Tricell’s determination. And it’s only a fraction of what would have happened around the world if Chris and Sheva hadn’t stopped Wesker.

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