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The Best Fire-types In Pokemon VGC

This guide discusses the best Fire-type Pokemon for competitive play in the Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC).

Fire-type Pokemon are extremely popular in Pokemon. They have stronger resistance than almost all other Pokemon and are particularly deadly to Steel and Grass-types. Outside of the starter Pokemon, there are only a few Fire-type Pokemon in the series at the start. Players must typically seek them out in specific climates. They frequently land OHKOs on the types they are Super Effective against.

Those that play competitive Pokemon may encounter Ground and Water-types, thus gamers should equip themselves with the strongest Fire-types possible. Fire types employ a variety of Special and Physical moves. Some of their contact moves may even burn their targets, ensuring that they deal damage in some way. With that in mind, it’s worth looking for the best Fire-type Pokemon for competitive bouts.


Sp. Atk125
Sp. Def80

Armarouge is a Generation 9 dual Fire/Psychic-type Pokemon that is only available in Pokemon Scarlet. Its most prominent stats are its strong Defense and Sp. Atk, the latter of which is common among Psychic-types. Special strikes like Flamethrower, Expanding Force, and Armor Cannon are among its greatest moves. Armor Cannon, while extremely effective, poses a risk because it reduces Armarouge’s defenses, but players can restore them with Clear Smog.

When Expanding Force is combined with Psychic Terrain, it becomes a dual-targeted move with increased potency, making it a solid choice among Pokemon VGC contenders. If they have a different strategy, they can also use some of Armarouge’s support maneuvers. Sunny Day, for example, can be used to build up Sun teams or as a screen setter with both Reflect and Light Screen.

Iron Moth

Sp. Atk140
Sp. Def110

Iron Moth is a Paradox Pokemon that appears in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is a dual Fire/Poison Pokemon that resembles Volcarona despite the fact that they are unrelated. Its typing provides resistance to popular kinds such as Fire and Steel, while a Tera type of Grass compensates for its 4X weakness to Ground.

Iron Moth excels as a glass cannon on competitive teams because to its strong Speed and Sp. Atk. Furthermore, players can equip it with a Choice Scarf to increase its Speed even more, giving it more time to land some hits before taking too much damage. Sludge Wave and Fiery Dance are its greatest moves, as they both deal STAB (same type attack bonus) damage.


Sp. Atk110
Sp. Def75

Fuecoco’s final form in Generation 9 is Skeledirge. There are only seven Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon in the entire game series, therefore it has a distinct typing. Ghost-types have multiple potent offensive techniques, which Skeledirge’s high Sp. Atk allows players to fully exploit. Its Fire-type techniques are also unavoidable because to its ability Blaze, which doubles their power. Torch Song, in particular, is difficult to resist, and it increases its Sp. Atk even more.

Skeledirge’s moves, such as Will-O-Wisp, Sing, and Lick, use Status Conditions to slow or hurt opponents. Players must time it correctly because it lacks speed, but its defensive bulk is sufficient to support it through a few blows.


Sp. Atk130
Sp. Def106

Heatran is a Generation 4 Legendary with exceptional dual Fire/Steel typing. Steel indicates it’s resistant to many different types and immune to poison. The only thing it has to watch out for are Ground-types, which it is four times weak to. Nonetheless, Heatran has a lot of bulk, with defense stats of 91/106/106.

Heatran can keep the field under control long enough to use Fire-type techniques like Lava Plume, Heat Wave, and Magma Storm. Magma Storm, like Fire Spin, traps the enemy in a swirl of fire for passive damage. Of course, it also includes strong Steel-type moves like Iron Head and Heavy Slam. It can also be utilized as a support weapon on offensive teams because it deals damage about as well as it takes it.


Sp. Atk145
Sp. Def90

Chandelure is a dual-type Ghost/Fire Pokemon that first appeared in Generation 5. Because of its high Sp. Atk, several of its Ghost or Fire-type STAB techniques are powerful. Shadow Ball, Overheat, and Mythical Fire are among the moves that have the potential to OHKO.

It’s almost certain to burn its opponent because it has Will-O-Wisp in its movepool and the ability Flame body. Players should exercise caution when using Stealth Rock, as it can be extremely harmful to Chandelure. If players want to help it, they should use an Electric or a Dragon-type to compensate for its disadvantages.


Sp. Atk100
Sp. Def80

Arcanine, sometimes known as the canine Pokemon, is a Fire-type Legendary Pokemon from Generation 1. Its Attack stats are above average, and its Speed generally gives it priority. Arcanine is a powerful offensive Pokemon with STAB attacks like Flare Blitz, Fire Fang, and Raging Fury. It also includes some good Normal moves, like as Extreme Speed, Retaliate, and Take Down.

It does include certain assistance maneuvers for those who want to go that path. In Double Battles, Helping Hand and Roar are especially useful. Furthermore, its best ability is Intimidate, which gives it and its team a competitive advantage simply by switching into the field.


Sp. Atk80
Sp. Def90

Incineroar is a Dark/Fire dual-type Pokemon from Generation 6. Players in the VGC can use it both offensively and defensively. One approach is that its support moveset is made entirely of stall techniques such as Protect or Fake Out, which might cause flinching unless they have a counteractive Ability. Will-O-Wisp may also deal passive burn damage to players. Incineroar also employs Intimidate, therefore the Attack reduction will come in helpful during fight.

When it attacks, players can use moves like Darkest Lariat, Throat Chop, and Flare Blitz. Because all of its moves are physical, its Attack stat gives it OHKO potential. Its Speed is low in comparison to its other attributes, but players can compensate by bringing in a speedier ally.


Sp. Atk109
Sp. Def85

Charizard is one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the entire franchise. Although it has the appearance of a dragon, its typing is dual Funny Shooter 2. In competitive battles, its strong Speed and Sp. Atk. could categorize it as a Sweeper. This role is reinforced by its ability Blaze, which boosts Fire-type moves by 50% when its HP drops. When Sun is active on the field, its power increases even more, allowing it to take out a large portion of an opponent’s team without breaking a sweat.

Because it is a Flying-type, it is now vulnerable to Electric-type Pokemon and has a 4X weakness to Rock-type Pokemon. Charizard would benefit greatly from the addition of a Grass-type support Pokemon such as Rillaboom or Venusaur. Players should also be aware of entry risks such as Stealth Rock and provide some recovery alternatives.

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