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So, how do you get on, and how do you ride a hoverboard?

The hoverboard is a particular type of electric scooter widely used by children and recently invented. This product was born in China in 2014 and the United States in 2015 until it also arrived in the UK recently, where it has depopulated despite its price not precisely for all budgets.

How to ride Segway and Hoverboard

In particular, the hoverboard is a low-speed people transport system that combines several features to make it similar to the segway. The difference with the segway is in the handlebar. In this second case, there is a handlebar to drive the vehicle while the hoverboard command is entrusted exclusively to the body’s movement.

The hoverboard is a small platform that connects two wheels and nothing else. The platform is not fixed but articulated, and all actions (movement, curvature, and acceleration) are activated by the weight of the body and by other sensors (such as the gyroscope, which is the rotating device that reads the position of the center of gravity and which, based on the change of the same, activates other sensors or other devices). The sensors can “read” any change in the body’s center of gravity position above it. The reading is then transformed into the various actions that the hoverboard can perform.

Therefore, the hoverboard operation is effortless and is all based on the body’s weight. For example, move your torso a little forward or shift your weight to the side to make a turn to trigger acceleration. These are very small and soft body movements and center of gravity shifts, almost perceptible but sufficient to trigger the sensors.

A hoverboard is an object, as mentioned, really very funny. But to be able to use it correctly, you have to follow a series of small tricks. It is easy to lose your balance and fall off the platform if the proper procedures are not followed.

Here are all the steps to learning how to use a hoverboard :

Press the power button to activate the device

When climbing, first place one foot on the platform and then the other. Between one step and the next, the device will feel the person’s weight and activate self-balancing. This way, the forum will remain stationary and balanced until the person has wholly climbed onto the platform.

Test the movements (from all sides of the body) and remember that these movements must not be excessive

Before leaving the platform, make sure that the hoverboard is completely stationary. Once you have stabilized, get off the forum first with one foot and then with the other, avoiding sudden movements.

How to turn on the hoverboard?

Very simple, via the power button. At this instant, the system will also turn on an LED indicating that the device is self-balancing. If the light is red, it is impossible to step onto the platform because it is not fully balanced, stable, and stationery. It is possible to go up if, on the contrary, the light is green. The device must reach a tricky balance. Otherwise, the wheels will not be locked, the platform will not be in harmony, and it will likely fall during the climb.

How to get off the hoverboard?

Before getting off the hoverboard, you must be careful that the whole device is completely stopped. The descent from the hoverboard must be made from the back and never from the front. This way, the risk of falling and losing balance during the decline is much less.

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