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Test Drive Report: KAWASAKI Versys-X 250 is a new lightweight adventure bike

The Versys-X 250 is arguably the first 250cc adventure bike in KAWASAKI’s history, and I’m sure many riders are wondering what kind of bike it is. So here’s a taste of the new trend in small displacement adventure bikes that has recently emerged!

The spirited body of the Versys-X 250

The Kawasaki Versys X 250 is surprisingly large and gives a strong impression of adventure. Compared to the larger adventure bikes, the Versys-X 250 is an easy straddler, and is just the right size for a first-time rider. A rear rack for saddlebags is included in the factory model, so the bike should be stable even when loaded with various items.

Large windscreen with excellent wind protection

I am 180cm tall and I can barely feel the wind pressure near my face when riding. The handlebar is raised appropriately so that you can ride in a natural and uncomfortable position, without being too far or too close to the handlebar, so you don’t feel uncomfortable bending over.

However, there is one slight concern: the directional light switch is a little tilted, so when you want to cancel the flashing, you may inadvertently slip your hand and press the right directional light button, so you may have to pull back a little to watch where you press it.

Sliding clutch for easy gear changes

In addition, the Versys-X 250 is equipped with a sliding clutch, so the clutch lever has a light grip and can be operated with just one index finger. For women, the lightness of the clutch lever is also a pleasure to ride. I felt pain in my buttocks after about 15 minutes of sitting on it, and I started to stand up and sit down repeatedly when riding because I couldn’t stand the pain.

Although I knew the saddle was hard before the test ride, it was even more uncomfortable than I thought it would be, and riding in this condition can be very uncomfortable. The rear seat cushion is pulled upwards, but in practice, the flat seat surface is not uncomfortable.

Little storage space under the saddle

There is almost no storage space under the saddle, but the rear seat has a cover that opens up to reveal space for the bike’s maintenance tools and the battery is positioned as centrally as possible under the saddle. This is a picture with the cover off. The car is full when you put in a photo, a driver’s license or some other small item, so the load capacity is almost zero in stock condition.

However, the rear of the car is equipped with the original luggage rack and already has 4 mounting holes, so it is possible to screw on the GIVI’s rear luggage compartment without any special work, so if you want to increase the luggage capacity, you must buy the rear luggage compartment.

Incidentally, the double cushion and the cargo rack are the same height, so there is plenty of space for luggage even without the rear luggage compartment.

Large tires for a stable ride, with sure-stop brakes

The tires are a combination of 19″ at the front and 17″ at the rear. With 41mm diameter forks and 130mm of shock travel, the bike has a weighty feel, but it can be driven without a hitch even in poor road conditions. The steel-wire spoked frame has an inner tube so that even in the event of a flat, the tires can be repaired or replaced. The brakes are fully functioning single discs, and although ABS was not used on this test ride, the peace of mind that comes with ABS is important in the event of a sudden accident.

Pedals with anti-vibration countermeasures

The footrests are reversible, with wide pedals and a raised handle for a very stable standing position when riding. In addition, a lot of effort has been put into minimizing vibrations, with the back of the pedals being weighted to strengthen the anti-vibration properties and significantly reduce the vibrations on the soles of the feet, which is a big plus for touring.

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Sleek design of the electric system

Instead of LEDs, the Versys-X 250 uses multi-reflector lights, which are bright and easy to replace with LEDs because of the H4 bulbs. Although no LEDs are used for the directional lights, the clear housing gives the bike a very clean impression and gives it an eye-catching and practical look when lit.

A delightful multifunctional dashboard for touring

The dashboard features a multifunctional dashboard unique to Adventure bikes, with a traditional pointer-type dashboard, gear indicator and clock in the center.

The right panel is divided into three sections, showing “Auto, TRIP A/B” from top to bottom, with the speedometer in the center and the average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and estimated distance to be ridden on fuel left at the bottom.

On the left side of the dashboard, the various toggle switches and the ABS and ETC status lights are displayed. On the left and right sides of the dashboard, the rounded and quadrangular sections are the preset bases for the optional DC power socket and fog light switch.

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