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Tips for Renting a Wedding limousine service in New York 

Life can get pretty hectic when planning an event as big as your wedding day. You want to be able to enjoy every moment of it, and that means keeping stress levels as low as possible. From the moment you get up in the morning, you’ll want to make your special day memorable, but you don’t want to do it at the expense of your budget or well-being. Here are five tips for renting a Wedding limousine service in New York that will help you celebrate without worrying about anything else!

Ask Questions

First you need to understand why you are renting Limo? For your assessment here is the check list you can work on.

  1. Why are you considering renting a limo for your wedding?
  2. What is the estimated number of guests attending your wedding?
  3. What kind of environment and weather is best for your wedding?
  4. Does anyone have allergies or need special accommodations (wheelchair, etc.)?
  5. Will any children be attending the ceremony or reception? If so, are they required to wear anything specific (suits, dresses, etc.)?
  6. If this is not an outdoor ceremony or reception and alcohol will be served at the event, how many drinks per person should be made available at each station?

All these questions will define your wedding budget. After setting a budget for your wedding, think of renting a limo or mini bus from a Limo rental services in New York. Because wedding is the day you cannot take risks at. So, try to negotiate as many times as possible at the time of renting.

Decide on a Budget

Renting a wedding limo is an experience worth having. You and your friends or family can enjoy the company of one another while being chauffeured to your destination. However, if you are considering renting a luxury wedding limo, there are some things you should consider:

  1. It is important to know what your budget is so that you can look for the most affordable option that fits within your price range.
  2. It’s best to have an idea of where you will be going and how long the drive will take so that you can plan accordingly and make sure to leave enough time for any necessary stops.
  3. Don’t forget about insurance coverage!

Insurance coverage

Be sure to ask about the insurance coverage. Not all companies provide the same coverage. And be careful, some may offer additional coverage that you’re paying for on top of your rental fee and you’ll want to look at it to make sure it’s something you need or want.

Vehicle type

Figure out what type of car works best for your needs. Do you need a bus? Would two buses work better? What about something smaller like an SUV limousine? Make sure you know whether the company provides chauffeurs or is it just transportation from A-B.

Know Your Stuff

Picking out the perfect luxury wedding limo for your special day is no easy task, focus on these tips that will help you cruising down the aisle in style:

1. Know what’s included- The most important thing to know about any rental service is what is and isn’t included with their packages. Make sure to read over everything so you don’t end up disappointed with your final bill.

2. Consider your guest list- If you’re planning on having more than 15 guests, then a party bus might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if only six people are coming, renting a town car could work better instead of making everyone squeeze into one vehicle.

Prepare The pre-requisites

When the bride and groom arrive at the wedding, you want them to feel like royalty. This means that any pre-event coordination should be discussed beforehand. Some important details to cover include:

1) What time will the bride be arriving?

2) When should the limousine pull up to take photos with the newlyweds?

3) Where will this photo session take place, including the possession timings of your rented limo.

4) Will there be any other guests in the limousine with them for these photos, or just family members?

5) What time is your ceremony scheduled to start, and where is it located?

6) How much time do you anticipate needing before driving from your ceremony location to your reception location after you are done taking pictures with the bride and groom?


Wedding limousine service in New York is a great way to add an extra level of luxury to your big day. If you want that luxury at your special day, call (A Limo Services) to book your vehicles today so that you cannot focus on other important stuffs of the wedding.

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