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Russian Lip Fillers: Everything You Need To Know

Gone are the days when women used to trigger each other’s facial features, resulting in lower self-esteem and confidence. While it’s highly unethical, it’s a bitter truth in our society. However, modern problems are being backed by modern solutions; the advent of cosmetic surgeries has got our backs for good. Ladies often opt for lip fillers as a primary cosmetic tool that instantly lifts their appearance. The discovery of Russian lip fillers in Dubai and elsewhere have stepped up the game.

What are Russian Lip Fillers? 

Although every candidate has a unique set of lips that requires different injection techniques to achieve the best outcomes, unlike classic lip fillers, Russian lip adds height to the lips other than the volume.

It’s a great way of adding volume to the lips, particularly the mid-section. The technique is a go-to solution if you want a flat side profile with a heightened pair of lips.  

How does Russian Lips work? 

So the Russian lip technique accentuates the Cupid’s bow and focuses on the lip’s height. After the treatment, you’ll have a nicely shaped upper and lower vermillion border, with attention naturally drawn to the central part of your lips. The techniques leave you with beautiful lips but also get them properly proportioned compared to the rest of your face.

How do Russian Lips differentiate from Classic Lips?

While classic lips provide a heart-like shape, they maintain a fuller look centrally and appear hydrated from every side. As for the differences, the Russian lip technique keeps the lip flatter from the sides.

Unlike the traditional approach, the physician applying the Russian lip fillers injects from the inside out, instead of starting from the lip border and inserting inwards. In addition, the technique might also require extra filler to achieve the desired results.

A few other differences between both approaches are as follows. 

1. A different application of fillers

The Russian lip technique used a smaller volume of dermal filler placed in different parts of the lips. It works with a minimal amount instead of overfilling the lips and then spreading it out. It gives us greater control and a princess-like pout that you can proudly flaunt. However, in the case of the usual filler, you get an overall chubby lip and prefer the candidate’s opinions and preferences.  

2. Extended Recovery time

While regular lip fillers allow you to continue running your errands right after the procedure, that’s not the case with Russian lip fillers. Here’s a slight downfall: severe swelling and bruising around the lips. 

It takes a few days to get off on its own. Due to the pain, patients often cannot adhere to their work commitments as frequently as expected. Of course, the more injections you get, the more consequences there will be.

3. Shell life of the fillers

The majority of queries regarding lip fillers are related to their shell life. Since fresh users aren’t aware of it, both categories are temporary. And so, the effect wears off with time. While the standard lip filers stay for twelve to eighteen months, it depends on your metabolism. 

On the other hand, Russian lip fillers last for six to twelve months. The time frame also depends on external factors like sun exposure and how your body reacts to the stuffing. You need to get a routine checkup in both cases to maintain the desired volume.

4. Usage of fillers

Like everything in Russian, lip fillers are advanced; the same goes for the material used for the stuffing. While normal lip fillers generally consist of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), it’s a natural substance in the human body.

In contrast, the Russian filler technique doesn’t use a new product but applies an existing effect in unique ways. Restylane or Juvederm can be the material, so allergies or adverse reactions are almost unheard of.

Final Words

Regardless of opting for the joint lip fillers or the Russian ones, there are no apparent risks. So, it’s safer to go for both. Yet, it’s imperative to get an experienced physician onboard. In this regard, you can consult with a professional platform like TinkerMoon Clinic, and rest assured of being in good hands.

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