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Top 5 Best Pubs in Cincinnati, USA

Cincinnati is a city of contrasts. Here, along with ancient buildings, 200-meter skyscrapers are skillfully combined! There are a large number of museums, art galleries and parks here, which attract all tourists with their mystery and beauty. Also, there are quite a number of thematic bars here, which will appeal to those who like to drink and just have a good time in the company of friends or family.

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O’Malleys in the Alley

This pub is one of the most popular in the entire Chinchinnati region. Here, you can find a huge selection of alcoholic beverages, for which up to 1000 people come here every day. And on weekends, this figure reaches 1,700 people. This pub is quite impressive due to the fact that it has 3 floors.

In addition, you can also enjoy a hearty meal at O’Malleys in the Alley. There is a wide selection of dishes, such as salads, hot dishes and snacks. Every week, dishes from the chef are served here, which are served for advanced gourmets and lovers of exotic taste combinations.

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Molly Malone’s

Molly Malone’s is your choice if you like Irish culture. This bar offers its patrons a wide selection of such alcoholic beverages as brandy, cider, whiskey and beer of various varieties. In addition, in this restaurant you can eat deliciously, and the prices here are quite loyal. We recommend that you come here with a group of friends, because it will be much more fun.

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Hap’s Irish Pub

Hap’s Irish Pub is another classic Irish pub option located in Cincinnati. This bar has a beautiful and bright interior, which is decorated in the style of a tavern. There are posters and booklets with an Irish theme everywhere. This bar has very low prices for cider. He is there. at the price of one dollar for 250 ml! Moreover, there is a huge selection of cider here: apple, orange, watermelon and others.

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Murphys Pub

Murphys Pub is a pub where all fans of different sports come together. The area of ​​this institution is divided into several parts. Each of them has 7 tables, above which hangs a big TV. Why did they do it? To be able to watch your favorite matches without any problems! Also, you can order any drinks with snacks here.

Along with this, you can play your favorite board games even if you are not a sports fan. What’s more, this pub also has a special room where visitors with children can come! They even made a children’s room here so that they could feel free and have a good time.

Crow’s Nest

This pub is famous for having an open terrace for its visitors. Here, it is quite spacious and contains different tables for different companies. In addition, there is also an incredible selection of drinks and snacks. Here, you will find any type of ale, and you can also enjoy live music that sounds here 24/7.


In this article, we have shown you the top 5 best pubs in the city of Cincinnati. Here, you can find a large selection of both drinks and snacks for them. Choose any of them and spend a great weekend with your friends or colleagues.

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