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What is a Label Printer, and What Are Its Types?

Over the few years, industries have been using label printers extensively; why? All because of the versatile printing ability of label printers to print tags like wine bottle labels and much more. If you are an industrialist and haven’t implemented the usage of labels, you’re missing out on a big deal! Here’s a guide to labelling printers and their types. Let’s begin with –

What is a Label Printer?

Computerised equipment called a printer print on self-adhesive label sheets and label material. The professionals use it by connecting a tag printer to a computer running the software required to create the label print. It is distinct from a label maker, which has a keyboard and software and can get used independently to print labels.

How Does It Work?

There are two types of tag printers – Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal.

  • Direct Thermal – Direct thermal printers print on heat-sensitive paper, discard the need to use any ribbon, and stand best for wine bottle label manufacturing. Unless the unique pre-printed form is used, these labels can typically only be printed in black and have a maximum shelf life of one year. Therefore, given that the labels tend to fade with time, these are most frequently employed in the food business, where fresh goods are transported rapidly and stored away from heat and sunshine.
  • Thermal Transfer – A thermal transfer employs heat and a carbon ribbon to permanently print labels by transferring ink from the ribbon to the label. The print is not limited to black because the ribbon can be of any colour. These labels are often more durable and less light-sensitive, making them ideal for applications where durability is crucial, such as barcodes, outdoor labels, and shelf marking labels.

Types of Label Printers

1. Desktop Tag Printer

The intended applications for desktop tag printers include mid-volume industrial, commercial, and healthcare settings. Zebras GX and ZD500 are two examples of these, which offer quick print rates and several practical supplementary features. Desktop printers excel at high-resolution label printing, light manufacturing, retail inventory labelling, and receipt printing.

Features of desktop tag printers –

  • Backwards compatibility
  • Speed and quality
  • Easy configuration
  • Adaptability
  • Access to industry-leading applications, utilities and advancements.

2. Commercial Tag Printers

Heavy to medium label printing requirements employ commercial tag printers. Because these printers can carry a larger roll of stock, it prints more labels than a desktop tag printer. These are frequently employed to print wine bottle labels and in sectors like packaging, production, retail, and logistics.

Features of commercial label printers –

  • Extended warranty
  • Robust long-wear metal parts such as drive train, gears, and rollers
  • Permanent printhead
  • Durable permanent prints that withstand moisture
  • Control and service routines to enable long-term use and quality control
  • The versatility of media type, finish and size

3. Industrial Tag Printers

Heavy-duty, high-demand sectors use industrial tag printers, including inventory management, asset management, docking management, and cross-docking. These tag printers resist the roughest conditions in factories and distribution centres.

The most robust printing speeds for industrial tag printers can range from 2-4 ips to 8 ips. It is crucial to consider how quickly your company needs labels printed to avoid delaying the distribution cycle. Additionally, portable industrial printers may be utilised on mining or construction sites and relocated once again if necessary. In these situations, a single central printer stands best to programme label information and distribute it among numerous locations.

Features of industrial tag printers –

  • Cutter or tear bar
  • Operating systems
  • Software
  • Minimum and maximum supply size
  • Duty cycle
  • Additional add ons

4. Inkjet-Based Tag Printers

Inkjet-based tag printers can produce premium-quality labels with vivid colours and vibrantly designed product labels. Many of our inkjet printers use cutting-edge ink formulations to deliver  prints with excellent quality. Additionally, these new ink formulations create labels with more significant water and UV light resistance, assuring robust product labels.

Most inkjet-based labels are also cost-effective for businesses because they print several labels with little ink waste from the cartridges. These printers’ cost per label will increase printing productivity and efficiency for enterprises.

Additionally, various printing accessories work well with printers that use inkjet technology. For instance, label roll rewinders and inkjet-based printers get along well. Tag printers and continuous roll tag printers are praised and trusted by business owners for their dependability and wide range of options.

Features of inkjet-based tag printers –

  • Improved water and UV resistance
  • Advanced ink formulas
  • High compatibility with printer accessories
  • Affordable ink costs
  • High-resolution printer
  • Wide range of brands to select from

5. Toner-Based Tag Printers

Toner-based printers enable the printing of the highest-quality images. Toner-based printers use dry toner rather than ink to create customised labels. These printers fuse images into label materials by melting dry toners using LED print technology.

Toner-based printers can print both white and coloured since they use dry toner. Higher printing speeds and lower fusing temperatures are further benefits of employing this cutting-edge machinery. These labels are water-resistant because of the fused toner inside the label materials. Toner-based printers are one of the most advanced printing technologies, although having a smaller selection.

Features of toner-based printers

  • Full CMYK printing
  • Waterproof labels
  • LED printing
  • Compatible with a variety of label materials

Contact a Professional Wine Bottle Label Manufacturer

Businesses may browse options until they have the best tag printer that suits the requirements, like printing wine bottle labels. To provide businesses with access to the most excellent and cutting-edge printing equipment available, the experts offer a variety of printers. To have your hands on the best one, consult the professionals who will help you choose the best option for label printing solutions.

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