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Digital Signage Solutions: How They Can Help Your Business Save Money And Increase Productivity

Digital signage solutions can do more than just help you advertise to your customers – they can also help you save money and increase productivity throughout your organization. Just how, exactly, does this type of signage help improve the business? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways digital signage solutions can help your business save money and increase productivity!

BrightSign Player:

The BrightSign Player is a digital signage solution that allows you to display content on any TV screen or monitor. Its versatility makes it perfect for an office, retail space, restaurant, or even a school. The player can be controlled by the press of a button or by using an app on your phone. Plus, it’s easy to upload content onto the player so that you can seamlessly update your signage throughout the day!

BrightSign DSi XL:

The DSi XL is a versatile product that can be used as a digital sign, an interactive kiosk, or both. The DSi XL offers customers the ability to take full advantage of interactive touch screens for intuitive navigation. It also features an HDTV with crisp image quality and sound clarity. Plus, it includes wireless internet capability so you can easily stream content from your PC or laptop onto the screen for easy viewing.

BrightSign 10-Series Players:

This product is a great fit for your business if you need to promote your services or products in a way that’s interactive, engaging, and highly visual. It’s perfect for any situation where you have limited space or need to reach a large number of people at once. The 10-Series Player has an intuitive touch screen interface with quick navigation through the control system. This particular device includes HDMI input, which gives you the ability to connect it to a variety of screens, TVs, and projectors. These features make this product an excellent fit for retail spaces that want to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases and improve customer satisfaction.

BrightCloud® Cloud Manager:

One of the main advantages of BrightCloud® Cloud Manager is how easy it is to access your signage anywhere you go. Just about any computer with an internet connection can be used to manage signage remotely, which means that you can work from home in your pajamas if you want. Plus, there’s no need for additional software downloads or updates so everything will be compatible with the latest devices. It also eliminates the need for a dedicated IT staff because BrightCloud® Cloud Manager works on its own.

Integrated Ad Campaign Tools:

You’ll also be able to measure the impact of your campaign with integrated ad campaign analytics that provides deep insights into how customers are interacting with your content. Finally, these tools allow you to scale campaigns across hundreds of screens at once for a truly coordinated effort.

Branding & Design Options:

You’ve probably seen digital signage around the office or in some of your favorite stores. But how much does it cost? And what’s the return on investment? To find out, use our Low Cost Per Day ROI Calculator below.
It is important to note that the cost of digital signage will vary depending on your individual needs and requirements. For this reason, we have included a Low Cost Per Day ROI Calculator to help you estimate what your costs might be for each type of signage you are considering.

Low Cost Per Day ROI Calculator:

This calculator allows for a quick estimation of the cost per day of ROI for your digital signage solution. Simply enter the price per square foot of your store, the total number of square feet, and the desired return on investment. The results will show you how much money you can save in a given year by implementing digital signage solutions throughout your organization. Feel free to adjust any numbers as needed to better suit your needs.

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