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What is predictive dialer?

Create a predictive dialer campaign

This is where Predictive Dialer Software campaigns come into play. Predictive dialer shortens the time between answering calls, allowing your team to connect with customers and reach new leads much faster.

In addition, predictive dialers software have a number of useful features, from lead generation and fundraising to customer service and collections. Read on as we explain how to build a successful predictive dialer software campaign.

What is predictive dialing software?

Predictive dialing software allows you to make mass calls from a list of phone numbers. The software calls multiple numbers at once and when a person picks up, it connects to an agent in real time.

Predictive dialing saves your team time because dialing is fast and agents don’t have to listen to missed call voicemails.

Predictive dialers rely on call statistics and AI-based algorithms to predict the availability of your agents and adjust your call rate in real time. So, for example, if a call center is congested and no one is available to answer a call, the predictive trainer will slow down the frequency temporarily. Conversely, if fewer customers answer than expected, the dialer will increase the calling frequency.

How do predictive dialers work?

Predictive dialers (you guessed it) predict when your agents will be available, calibrate your dialing frequency, and dial multiple numbers at once. This is the main difference between predictive voters and other automated voting systems, such as an automated voter, which picks numbers in sequence.

This automagic process makes predictive dialers so effective. Predictive dialing software narrows the gap between when an agent hangs up and when the next call is ready.

The idea is to maximize your agent’s productivity by giving them more time to talk to prospects and customers rather than waiting for someone to respond.

Types of predictive calling campaigns
Predictive dialers can be useful for various outbound calling campaigns. E.g.:

Call customer service

Predictive dialing software can help your team proactively reach customers. This can be helpful if you need to remind them of a service outage, schedule a service appointment, or promote an upcoming sale.

Fundraising Campaigns

Using predictive dialing software can help your team reach more potential donors, helping you reach your fundraising goals faster and more efficiently. Predictive dialers can be configured to work with call centers of any size, so if you only have a few dedicated fundraisers, the software can work to make the most of their available time.

Phone Surveys

Whether you’re doing market research, working for a political party, or simply trying to measure your customer satisfaction, surveys are a common use of predictive calling software. In all these situations, try to reach as many people as possible. It makes sense to maximize your agent’s productivity with a predictive election campaign.

lead generation

Does your company engage in telesales or telemarketing? Use predictive dialing to increase sales and move those leads down the funnel. You can connect predictive dialing software to your CRM to automatically call leads and connect them with available agents.

Collection of payment

Call centers are often used to collect overdue payments from customers. The bigger your customer list, the more useful predictive dialing software becomes. Switch from manual dialing to predictive dialing and you can reach more people and get paid for those bills.

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